Events In Paris January 2018/2019

If you’re expecting the Paris lights to dim down after the holidays, the fun to pack up and take a vacation, the museums to close their doors, and the locals to retreat from the cold – you’re in for a rude (or happy) awakening for the great January events in Paris.

Don’t leave or pass up Paris in January just yet! The party is only just getting started. This city, sometimes is even called the ‘City of Celebration’, smashes into New Years with an extravaganza of musical concerts – including a classical one at Saint-Germain des Prés – which are poppy, rocking, jazzy, and full of wine and dance! As well, this season is decked out in wine tasting (to beat off the cold), museum tours (to beat off the cold), and French cooking classes (to put on weight and. . . beat off the cold!).

And since the post-winter weather is rather frightful, it’s a great time for all drinks, including the excellent champagne tastings and tours you can experience in the regions of Versailles or the sandy beach banks of Normandy. Rent a car, take a train, and be on your way! There are so many things to discover this season for the events in Paris in January 2018.


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Paris January 2018 Events!

Seine River Cruise, Moulin Rouge and Eiffel Tower

This tour is at the heart of Parisian culture and tourism, and sure it might sound cliché, but after all these are some of the main attractions to find in the city – especially wonderful to experience by night! Your evening will start with the wonderful Eiffel Tower and the magnificence of its design and its lights, topped by dinner at Restaurant 58. Following your meal and the architecture of this great Parisian landmark, your tour will take you on a heart-warming Seine river cruise. Its waters will whisk you away and truly show you the lights and splendor of the city and the river. Last but not least as you disembark from this adventure, you’ll end up at the best rated Cabaret in all of Europe – Moulin Rouge of course! Enjoy champagne and enjoy the show, then go back to your hotel for sweet sleep and excellent dreams for the events in Paris you’ve attended.


Bateaux Parisians Cruise & Dinner

Perhaps there are in fact things better than mere boat rides! And in this case, they are dining experiences aboard a boat as it cruises along the Seine and through the famous landmarks throughout the city. Not only will you see everything you want to see by night, but it will be done while relaxing, eating a wonderful French meal, and drinking fine wines suggested by the staff or chosen by you for that loved one at your side.


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Vintage Tour of Paris

This amazing tour of Paris will truly transport you back in time, black and white moving through the sets on a movie as you ride in the back of beautiful Citroën Traction Avant. You’re driver will wear a handsome cap and truly act the part of an old fashioned ‘gentleman driver’, showing you the sights, the lights, and each and every hidden delight along the way. Want the sun roof open? No problem. Pop your head out and enjoy!


Eiffel Tower Tour With Out The Line

The lines to view the city from the Eiffel Tower can be quite unbelievable, even during the city’s winter months. Best thing that will sure be worth the money is to book a private ‘skip the line’ tour – this way you meet up with your private guide at the towers bottom, right past all the cold and hungry tourists, and are taken right up to the towers second level.

This tour is very private and concerned with your priority and those with you, your guide will be excellent, charming, and provide you with tons of history and facts regarding one of Paris’s most prized treasures. Then take another lift to the top, and enjoy the view as the city opens up below you.


Louvre ‘Skip-the-line’ Guided Tour

Once again, skip ahead of those pesky crowds and see all the paintings/etcetera, that you are dying to see. The louvre museum receives close to 11 million visitors on average per year, and this can cause quite a blockage when you’re wanting privacy with that certain piece of art which is dear to your heart’. Your group will be limited and small, and so your priority as a guest at the museum will be paid the highest attention and respect.


Seine Champagne Cruise

Need we say more? Flow along the Seine and see the sights while sipping delicious amounts of bubbly! This is a warming and unforgettable experience.


Dinner + Moulin Rouge + Transportation

Any great evening should start with a gradual quality meal, French cuisine no less, and wine that flows happily throughout each new dish. Any amazing evening will follow this extravagant meal with Moulin Rouge, Paris’s most famous cabaret show! And once its over, don’t bother with crowds and getting lost or looking for transport home – the details are all sorted out for you, including a guide your cars, and a swift journey home! Make sure to get your plans for this event as soon as possible as it fills up fast for this January Paris event.


Paris Night Walking Tour

Paris is not a young town, nor is France a young country – these streets you walk have thousands of years history. On this tour you will discover the myths, mysteries, and legends along each of its many cobbled streets, winding alley ways, and eerie houses. Each story has a glimmer of truth, some more than others, where murders actually happened, people possibly disappeared, and strange things happened throughout the old walks of the wonderful city of lights.


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