Events In Paris April 2018/2019

The month of April in Paris witnesses the coming of Spring, with blossoming flowers, more positive vibes around the City of Light and edifices painted with all shades of blossomy colors. The month also experiences some of the most fun events all year round. If you’re going in April in Paris, here are some events you need to make sure to check out.


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How to get to Paris April Events 2018

Luckily for you, the month of April does not witness the highest rates like the summer months does. If you decide to book early, you might catch yourself some extremely attractive deals!


Celebrate Easter

Immerse in savory chocolate treats, discover the greatest foods, go on treasure hunts or attend religious services at Notre Dame cathedral. The Easter months experience the best festivities after Christmas and it’s worth being there to experience it all with some events in Paris April 2018.


One of the Must Visit Events in Paris April 2018

At the Porte de Versailles, one of the biggest retail trades in all of Europe takes place. It is all about innovation with colorful festivals, and is a showcase of all the best and latest products and services that fit into the “eccentric” criteria.


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Events You Can’t Miss out On

  • Scheinder Electric Marathon de Paris – This is simply one of the world’s most renowned races and the marathon has a staggering number of participants every year. Over 60,000 people each year participate, running through Paris’s most iconic symbols and sights.
  • Paris Horse Jumping and Dressage Finals take place in April as well, so if you’ve always been intrigued by horses, this is where you go.
  • Banlieue Bleues Paris Jazz Festival – Paris is so renowned for its jazzy vibes and live bars that constantly play jazz, so why not indulge in the epitome of jazz at the Jazz Festival? In the suburbs of Paris, you get to experience endless blues and jazz performances that will get you moving.
  • Passover Paris – Celebrate Jewish history, eat the best kosher and learn about Jewish culture in Paris this April.


Want to immerse yourself in art?

If you’re more of an artsy person, then make sure to try catching some of Paris’s most amazing exhibitions. Galleries and museums showcase the most diverse forms of art. In the year 2017 in April, you could have witnessed the work of Eli Lotar at Jeu de Paume or the works of Vermeer at the Louvre Museum and in the year 2018, more exhibitions are awaiting. You could check all types of exhibitions and events going on in Paris here.

At Louvre Museum you can check out Eugène Delacroix or the Hittite Empire. Try to attend the Eugene Delacroix exhibition that celebrates his 100th year anniversary with a demonstration of over 180 pieces of his artworks. You will be able to learn about his life and his advancement of his talent throughout the exhibition.


Extra exhibitions to attend:
  • The Experience of Color at Cite de la Ceramique
  • The Art of Pastel at the Petit Palais
  • Daho Likes It Pop at the Philharmonie de Paris


Got your kids with you?

If you’re traveling with your kids in April to Paris, then try making it to the Foire du Trone which is the Annual Paris fair. Experience nothing short of fun fairs with the backdrop of Ferris wheels, and candy in your hand. Your kids will be awe-struck at this haven in the middle of Paris.


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