Dinan Brittany, France: Where To Stay, Eat And Things To Do

If you are a fan of Disney movies and fairy tales, then Dinan is the perfect place for your magical fantasies. When I visited this place, I was like brought to a new dimension where all my dreams could possibly come true as traveling to Dinan Brittany was wonderful. It was like having the best of both the world of Disney films and the world of reality in one. Despite the gradual commercialization of the place, there still remains a spirit of fantasy in every corner of this small town in Brittany, France.

Dinan has a serene environment that boasts of its medieval histories. It is actually one of the most popular towns in Brittany because of its preserved walls. These structures make historical fanatics even more interested in the place. Apart from the buildings, even the architectural works that remain in the town have a great historical significance that stems back from the 1200s.

The way that you get to Dinan, you will have to climb up some hills along the other towns of Brittany. Once you see a majestic land just adjacent to River Rance, then you have already reached Dinan. It is labeled as the Town and Land of Art and History in France particularly because of its wealth of antique arts, monuments, sculptures, and other crafts. Below we’ll provide you with a mini guide of Dinan with all the basic you should know about this town in the Brittany region of France


Dinan: Where To Stay, Eat And Things To Do

How To Get To Dinan

Although the public train system in France is the most popular mode of transportation, I would still suggest the best way to get to Dinan is that you hire a private vehicle in order to have a successful tour of the town. You will have to travel to Rennes using a train either from the Eurostar or the TGV. Both these railway stations could bring you to Rennes in approximately 2.5 hours. From Rennes, you could hire a private car going to Dinan. For easy ticket purchase, visit Voyages-SNFC.


Where To Stay In Dinan

There are a lot of accommodations in Dinan’s nearby towns. I would suggest that you book a place called Domaine des Ormes. This is a huge campsite that is just a few minutes from the popular French destinations. It is also just located in Mont Saint Michel.


Things To Do In Dinan

The best way to appreciate the town of Dinan is through its medieval architecture. You will be amazed how they were able to preserve the sculptures that date back to the 13th century. Walking through the cobbled streets would also make you dream of the past. You will also certainly love the locals’ homes which are made of timber. Apart from local architecture, learn also to love their environment and their art by visiting the Centre Historique.

Do not ever leave Dinan without understanding their history. It would be admirable to check out the walls that were built in the 1200s to protect the town from invasion. Today, you could still see the centuries-old guard towers of the wall. As you walk through the place, you will notice an old castle-like structure which they call Château de Dinan. This now serves as a remarkable museum that gives tourists a view of the past.

It is also worth noting that the town of Dinan had its own religious seats starting from the 1100s. You will surely be impressed with the grotesque 15th Century structure of Saint-Malo Church. This church continually receives praise for the beauty of its design and the intricacy of its stained glass windows. Another religious establishment is the St. Sauveur Basilica which served an important role in the French past.

Dinan also continues to be a haven for artists. It is in this French town where you will be discovering unique talents that are able to produce magnificent sculptures, glass crafts, engraved works, and other artistic stuff. If you would like to bring home some local creations, then drop by the Centre Ville or along the streets of Rue du Petit-Fort.


Where To Eat In Dinan

Dining in Dinan is one of the best things that you could ever experience in the country of France. Taking a meal from such a historic place is like transporting yourself to the wonders of the past culture. Some of the stone houses that were built centuries ago have been transformed into cafes and restaurants.

I would suggest that you try the authentic French cuisines, traditional crepes, and delicious pastries from the renowned restaurants such as Au théGormond, Lo Cantorbery, and CréperieAhna.

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