Cannes Film Festival: How To See Films For Free

There are several ways that you can use to see films at Cannes Film Festival without a badge or accreditation. It is even possible to view films for free at Cannes Film Festival, but these ways are not usually told to the public.

All you do is to have an idea of where to go and the exact way to go about it. This is, however, the secret we will be giving you in this article for the Cannes Film Festival seeing films without a badge.


How To See Films At Cannes Film Festival

  1. The classic films have nighty beach screenings which are free viewing of Cannes Film Festival. Make a careful choice because all these screenings are not subtitled in English. During the films, you will be given free beach chairs, blankets, and nice Cannes touch.
  2. There are free tickets to Cannes Film Festival given to people who line up early at the Hotel Miramar for the week section of avant gardeCritic’s.
  3. To buy the tickets at the ticket booth which is in front of Marriott Hotel for Director’s Fortnight Section, it is not compulsory for you to have a badge.
  4. You can go for “Off” screenings for Cannes Film Festival for free if you have a car in the theaters that are around Cannes.
  5. Watch the La Grande Journal and Les Guingols broadcast live every night if you are good in French across Martinez Hotel.
  6. Go to nightly red carpet scene to have a star gaze.


Hopefully these tips help with you having the ability to see films at Cannes Film Festival.

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