Buying Train Tickets At CDG Airport

When arriving at CDG airport in Paris, there’s several different ways to go from the Paris airport to city center. The easiest and cheapest way is to take the RER B train from Paris airport to downtown Paris. Before boarding the RER B, you’ll need to purchase a ticket so you can pass the gate to gain access to the platform station. Below we’ll explain everything you need to buy train tickets at Paris airport.


Taking the Train

Right at Aérogare 2 look for signs reading voies 11 & 12 which means track 11 & 12, RER B and vers Paris which means To Paris. Ensure that you follow the signs right to the gateways.


Have Your Ticket At All Times

Ensure not to lose your ticket since you will need to insert it into the RER system when getting in and out of the train station. When getting it, insert the ticket and pick it up at the pop-up slot on the entrance and keep it safe. When you get to your destination, you will need to insert the ticket again RER system at the exit gate.

You can see how this ticket differs with that of Paris Métro system since here you will only need the ticket to get in the Métro, but you will not need it to get out. Go through the entrance and drop away using the tracks 11 and 12.


Navigo Transit Pass

The Navigo transit pass rules were changed in 2015 September. With the rules now, you are allowed to go for limitless tours wherever in Île-de-France also known as the Paris region with the Navigo pass. This tour includes central Paris and Aéroport Charles de Gaulle. It may cost you a little more to buy a Navigo pass to use between central Paris and CDG than buying a round-trip ticket. It will, however, be wise to but this pass at the airport and use it to travel around Paris.


Ticket Machines

Buying a ticket from a ticket machine will be ideal for people with enough notes/bills, euro coins or even an accepted credit or debit card. Do not worry if you cannot speak the language since it will serve you with your preferred language. Ensure you understand the instructions given by the machine and confirm if it will accept the payment method you plan on using.

At Aérogare 2 you will find monnayeur. These are change- making machines where you can change your euro notes/bills to euro coins.

You will also be able to buy a ticket using your smart credit card. This credit card should have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Puce (computer chip). Most of the credit cards you will get in the USA are designed to work with the signature and chip system. This means that you need to contact the credit card company or the bank and ask them to give you a PIN.

In case you do not have a “smart” credit card or euros, you can try and look for an ATM (distributeur de billets) and withdraw euro notes. There is one ATM located at the bank branch of Aérogare 2 Level 4 and others just around ticketing machines. If you run out of options, you can go to the Bureau de Change at the airport and have them change your cash to euros.


Paying For RER Train Ride

Apart from the private transfer where you make a reservation online before head, you may need to some euros on cash to pay for a ride to take you to the city center. There are several currency exchange booths conveniently located in the Baggage Claim and Arrivals areas. There are however cash machines/ATMs, and it may be more prudent to use them since they have better exchange rates. You may spend some time looking for an ATM machine, but you can be sure it will be worth.


Look Or Ask For The Un Distributeur de billets.

You will find one on the Terminal 2E close to the information booth in front of the baggage claim. There is another one at the main train station of the airport on the Aérogare 2 Level 4 at the bank branch.


Ticket Office

The ticket office will be marked in large letters:



You should not enter the office written TGV- Billetes Grande Líneas Mainlines Tickets – Billets Grandes Lignes on it. This office is not for the Paris tickets but for tickets of TGV intercity train.

If you want to buy the Navigo pass, wait on the queue and ask for un billet á Paris which means a ticket to Paris. The agent selling the tickets will either sell you a return /round-trip ticket or a single/ one-way ticket. The round ticket is ideal for people going with RER Line B train to central Paris. Do not lose your ticket since you can also use this ticket to take a ticket to Métro when you get to central Paris.


Get Aérogare 2

When you get to the airport, walk on any signs reading Paris par train which means Paris by Train, RER Trains and Transports for ground transports. All these sighs will take you right to the RER train station, SNCF the main CDG Airport and Aérogare 2 which is the Train Station 2.

When coming from CDG Airport going to Paris, a ticket for the RER train will cost you around10.30€. You can buy this ticket using a recognized credit or debit card, bills/notes or euro coins.

At the ticket office, you may use a credit or debit card or use some cash euros. You may also get the ticket at the ticket machine. It is crucial to know that there are no tickets sold on the train. It is compulsory to have a ticket that you will use to enter the train station, and you will also use it to leave the train station when you arrive.


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