Best October Events In Paris 2018/2019

After the summer crowds have died down, and the back to school vibes have ended, the month of October symbolizes the incoming Autumn season, embracing it with incredible events to keep you distracted from the cold that is to come. If you’re visiting in October, then you’re already lucky due to the lower flight and hotel rates, and you get most of the attractions to yourself without having to endure long, hectic lines. Here are some of the events you cannot October evens in Paris 2018!


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The annual celebration of Nuit Blanche

The spirit of art permeating throughout the city is mostly prominent throughout the celebrations of Nuit Blanche. This yearly festival is a constant showcase of all types of art, music, events, concerts and is great to cater to your needy artistic-thriving soul. You will feel like you’re seamlessly blending in with the locals as you enjoy the carnival of arts. It’s one of the top Events in Paris in October 2018.

Immerse yourself in the blend of the simple and the extravagant. Over 28 official installations showcase art in ways you cannot imagine, making this contemporary all-night art festival the perfect cultural event in Paris. Think art pieces, sculptures, concerts and much more that is guaranteed to keep you extremely busy.


Samples the best wine at the Vendanges de Montmartre

Who doesn’t love wine? And who doesn’t love sipping on some wine in the city of love and lights? Just the thought of a glass of wine while you’re nestled in your big coat while walking down the cobbled streets of Paris should be making you all giddy inside. Thus making it one of the best Paris October events for 2018.

The harvest festival is one of the most renowned in Paris, where each year, artists and wine connoisseurs come together to guarantee the perfect time for you. Montmarte, the village-like neighborhood that still retains its local, traditional vibe, receives thousands of visitors every year for this event.

The neighborhood has always been a haven for all wine harvesters, and is peppered with hundreds of vines, thus making it the perfect location for harvesting. You will be able to experience excellent dances, talks and concerts, all while sampling some of the most unique wine in the world. Wine? Check. Fireworks? Also check!

Who doesn’t want to be walking down the alleys of Montarmarte with the echo of French poems in the air and a wine glass in hand? Make sure to visit the basilica of Sacre Coeur after.


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Indulge in all types of chocolate at the Chocolate Trade Fair

The one thing that could actually unite the world and bring peace is chocolate. Everyone loves them a little bit of chocolate and Paris is no exception. In the annual Chocolate Trade Fair, over 700 exhibitors, and 220 chocolatiers, pastry chefs and much more all share the most sough-out chocolate recipe with the chance for you to sample as much chocolate as you need and enjoy this October event in Paris.

Whether you are a chocoholic or not, this trade fair will keep you coming back for more. There is a chocolate catwalk show where models walk down in chocolate-inspired outfits.


Immerse yourself in the best art at the most anticipated art event of the year in Paris

Every art lover knows what FIAC is, and you too should get excited! This annual event celebrates the contemporary art scene that looms over Paris in all the right ways. Hosted in different places like the Grand Palais, Tuileries Gardens, Jardin des Plantes, and Esplanade des Invalides, this event is basically a demonstration of art galleries from all over the world.

Art spanning different cultures and times is showcased, while over 70,000 visitors come to enjoy the unparalleled artistic selection.



There is a running list of exhibitions going on in Paris, every day of the year. Every month experiences dozens of different exhibitions at Paris’s most renowned museums and some are must see Paris events in October 2018.


Must see exhibitions:

  • Peintures des Lointains at Musee Quai Branly
  • Impressionists in London at Petit PalaisThis is where you get to experience the work by Money, Tissot, Pissaro and many more artists who have shaped and changed impressionist art.
  • The Baron of Campana – Musee du Louvre
  • Cubism at the Centre Pompidou


An example from this year’s exhibitions

To get a gist of what the exhibitions usually have to offer, check out the top exhibitions this year’s October.

  • The Art of Pastel, from Degas to Redon: A passage of pastel during the many centuries.
  • Derain, Balthus, Giacometti at Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris: Friendships and artistic influences between this artists are all showcased in this exhibition.


The Autumn Festival

With the coming of Autumn in Paris, the entire city revels in the most incredible forms of compelling works of art forms. Think of a blend of music, dance, theatre, visuals, cinema and much more. Taking place at different venues (we’re talking over forty places), you’ll be able to see all kinds of art events and embrace them. For more information of this October Paris event, go here.


Surround yourself with magic at the Musical Waters

The setting of every fairytale – a castle, a fountain, glittering lights and enchanting music…right? Well, the Musical Waters event brings all of that together so effortlessly in an effort to recreate the magical vibes of Paris. Every weekend through October, you get to embrace the surrealness of the fountains swaying their waters along the rhythms of music while colorful lights illuminate the entire setting.


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