Best May Events In Paris 2018/2019

With the start of summer almost approaching and the promise of nothing but good vibes, sunshine and a contagious touristic vibe all over the city. Paris event in May is an incredible place to be in. The place is already beginning to teem in with an alluring vibe of post-Spring and an intoxicating charm that drives the tourists in millions. You’ll pretty much be surrounded by everything: from performances, to trade shows, art galleries at little neighborhoods and exhibitions. Who would want any less and we’ll give you some of the best May events in Paris that you should attend.


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What to do before you go:

  • You need to make sure you have all your plans set before going to Paris events in May. There are so many festivals, trade fairs, shows and much more going on, so you need to book in advance.
  • Book your plane tickets early! The earlier you book your plane, the higher chance you’ll get of a better rate and price!


Seasonal Events

Sports fan?

If you’re a sports fan then Paris can also cater to your needs. Although the city of Paris is not especially known for its sports, one of the world’s most famous tennis tournaments is held there. The highly renowned French Roland-Garros takes place every year in the last week of May and continues into June. Watch tennis giants show off their skills, but make sure to book your tickets way ahead, as this is a popular Paris May event.



If you’re nostalgic to the good old childhood days then by all means head over to the Paris Fair. The annual fair (or Foire du Trone as the French call it) is the perfect place to reminisce over your childhood at. If you have kids with you, you will absolutely love it. Ferris wheels, cotton candy, rollercoasters…etc. You’ve got it all!


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Music fan?

Music fans can watch the entire city of Paris turn into a major festival at the annual jazz festival. A city so renowned for its jazz music that it has almost become its embodiment, Paris celebrates its jazz heritage right.


Love museums?

If you’re going to Paris for the sole purpose of relishing the countless of its museums – from the sprawling ones to the little quirky ones, then May is the right month to go in. Paris’s Museum Night is when the entirety of the museums in Paris open their door until 1 am, and top all of that with events, mini concerts, exhibitions and so much more. You’ll be getting quite a healthy dose of museums as there’s lots of events in Paris in May at different museums!


Are you an art enthusiast? Immerse yourself in the art in Paris!

If you’re an art enthusiast then Paris is definitely the place to go. Everyone knows that Paris is the ultimate art hub of Europe, and of the world and that you can get the ultimate art dose from there. You should keep an eye out on the top museums in Paris that show some of the greatest exhibitions going on per month before your visit. Exhibitions are usually announced a few months before. Here are some examples of exhibits that normally take place in Paris so you can get a gist of what you can expect:

For photography and filmmaking:

For a few months in 2017, an entire exhibit located at the National Galleries took place as an ode to all things related to photography and filmmaking. The exhibition was dedicated to Eli Lotar and visitors were able to get an unparalleled glimpse of Lotar’s perspective, the intertwining of different forms of arts and the general influence of different artistic movements.


Are you more into award-winning artworks and influential artists?

You should definitely head to the Louvre at any time of the year and you’re guaranteed to always be impressed. You could check out the infamous Mona Lisa, revel in the incredible works of arts, the sculptures and the rich diversity of artwork or you could attend one of the exhibitions. Last year in May, an entire exhibition was dedicated to Vermeer, the Dutch golden-age artists known for his painting “The Girl With A Pearl Earring.”


A contemporary art fan?

If you’re a contemporary art fan, you’re bound to love La Maison Rouge which holds countless exhibitions. Make sure you check out the Paris Art Selection to get a gist of what’s happening in Paris when you’re going in May to Paris for events this year, but for a glimpse of previous exhibitions check out the link above.


The French Spirit: Countercultures in France 1969 – 1989

The display and reflection of French counterculture is staggering to say the least. The exhibition showed what it was like in Paris with the array of countercultures available, the influence they had on the city and other cities around the world and plenty more. La Maison Rouge is known for its life-changing exhibitions that are guaranteed to educate you and be a great Paris May event.


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