Bastille Day In Paris: 2018/2019 Celebration Guide

Indulging in one of the most massive street parties in France should be an experience that you prioritize. Do you really want to miss exciting parades, late-night partying, celebrations with fire fighters, and dancing down the Champs Elysees? We think not, that’s why you should go to Bastille Day in Paris 2018!

Join hundreds of thousands of people on a celebration unlike any other on Bastille Day – the French national holiday. If there was ever one event not to miss in Paris Bastille Day, definitely make it this one. It’s the epitome of festive, the epitome of celebratory and definitely one of things you need to participate in.

On July 14th, the French celebrate this holiday to commemorate the destruction of the Bastille Prison, their independence and much more. Think of it more like an American 4th of July!

It will be the perfect way to blend learning about the history and culture of Paris and spending your time celebrating the festivity of Bastille Day 2018. You can always check out the top events happening here.


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Why It’s The Perfect Time to Visit

With the gorgeous summer weather of July, the festive vibes and the celebratory mood, it would be a shame not to visit Paris Bastille Day at this time. Where else could you get hundreds of discounts from restaurants, have dance competitions, party in the dreamy streets of Paris or gather with family and friends over a glass of wine…All at the same time?


Attend a free concert

Don’t miss out on the evening live concerts that take are performed on the Champ de Mars. This is near the vicinity of Eiffel Tower, so you can go there and snap some pictures while you’re at it.


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Join in on the parade!

Bastille Day’s most prominent experience is the parade near Arc de Triomphe, without any competition. Join in on the largest, and oldest parade in all of Europe.

The parade of Bastille Day schedule:

  • The President gets to the Arc de Triomphe around 10 AM to start the parade.
  • Troops make their way down to Place de La Concorde


Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you arrive early to the parade.
  • For really good views, sit at one of the cafes or restaurants nearby.
  • Beware that a lot of public services will not be available. Post offices, banks, and even restaurants close on that day.
  • Visit Centre Georges Pompidou, Montmartre, and Belleville.
  • Take lots of pictures!


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Party with Firefighters

On July 13, the Bals des Pompierson commences. Dances are hosted by some of Paris’s most famous fire stations. The atmosphere is incredible as you’re surrounded by heaps of good food, the star-lit sky and live music.


Celebrate with Fireworks

Get ready for one of the most extravagant displays of fireworks you will see forBastille Day in Paris. Anywhere along the Seine River or around Champs de Mars will be filled with lavish festivities and the most lush use of fireworks!


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