August Events In Paris 2018/2019

August in Paris is one of the most sought out destinations in the world. Topping every bucket-list, every top attractions list and taking over the dreams of many – the city still has the power to draw in millions of visitors yearly. No matter the month you choose to go in, you will find most of the top tourist attractions filled with tourists. There’s so many August events in Paris 2018 that you probably don’t want to miss.

Of course, summer in Paris is an entirely different story. with the gloomy, cold weather left behind, the city is drenched in sunlight, idyllic vibes and a contagious sense of energy and positivity. From sunbathing in parks, taking river cruises, enjoying the beach (yes, you heard that right!) to going out to fun bars at night – Paris August events will keep you coming back for more.Here are some of the top things you should be doing in Paris in August!


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What events should you attend?

  • Head over to the Classique au Vert festival if you’re into classical musical.
  • Al Musica – Experience the beauty of Arab music at the Philharmonie de Paris.
  • Festival Silhouette which showcases some of the best short films.
  • Nuit des Etoieles – A family event with all types of activities that are perfect for you and your children together. Think astronomical activities, star-gazing, watching the eclipse and much more!


Events You Simply Cannot Miss

Visiting Paris in August while missing out on those key events would be such a shame. Make sure to attend those two majorly prominent experiences to make the most out of August events in Paris.


If You’re An Art Fan

Experience an array of polychromes in all its forms – from architecture to sculptures to paintings at this exhibit that is held at Musee D’Orsay. You’ll be able to check out the diversity of materials used, the challenges the artists were faced with and a large number of works from the collection.  

Watch some of Monet’s artwork that focuses on some of Monets later works along with the works of twenty other prominent artists. This is something that everyone should try to see while in Paris in August.


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Catch a movie

In the lush Parc de la Vilette, you can be surrounded by greenery, hundreds of highly energetic, happy people, good weather and positive vibes all while watching a movie. The Open Air Cinema Festival is a cultural event that attracts both, movie fanatics and non-movie fanatics to watch all types of short and unknown films. The site itself is extremely comfortable and it’s the perfect place to bring a picnic!


Paris Plages

When you think or visualize of Paris, the last image that comes to mind would probably be the beach. However, the month of August experiences a full-fledged beach right in the heart of Paris. The pure juxtaposition of cobblestone streets and medieval neighborhoods with the beach, the sandy shores and the array of games and events that take place is in itself completely incredible. It’s truly one of the best August events in Paris that you can do.

With nodding palm trees, sun umbrellas and deck chairs – this is a side of Paris you won’t be experiencing any other time. Make use of it! Drink a beer on a hot night by the river, or enjoy one of the many free live concerts. Extending up until the Parc Rives de Seine, this is the ultimate promise of the perfect summer season.


Where can you get more information?

If you want to get more information regarding things to do in August 2018, make sure to check out the page at the Paris Tourist Office. There you can check out more exhibitions at lesser known museums like the Musee d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris   along with the latest updates on all events, concerts and fairs.


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