10 Montmartre Things To Do While In Paris

Paris is known for a lot of names. Few of which is the “City of lights”, “City of Love”, ”The Fashion Capital of the World”, and so on and forth. Truly, no one can deny the gift of nature the city has been blessed with matched with human genius architectural engineering that have been built all over the city for hundreds of years.

One part of Paris that is highly recommended for day tour is the iconic hill of Montmartre. The large protruding land area of about 130 meters is located on the district at the northern part of Paris. The top of Montmartre is a perfect place to have the best view of Paris.

Around 1814, the hill was attacked during the revolution where a lot of brave men sacrificed their lives, thus it was named as “The Mountain of Martyrs and there’s lots of great things to do in Montmartre.

Aside from breath taking view on top of the hills, neatly designed bohemian and Gothic structures, artsy small museums, friendly weather condition specially on summer season, numerous historical value; the Montmartre also boost shops and walk in restaurants for tourists. There are good foods that you should try there when at Montmartre.


10 Things To Do At Montmartre: 

Shopping Spree At Rue de Steinkerque

The bricked road along the street of Rue de Steinkerque is such a delight for those who love shopping. There are a lot of antiquities, souvenirs, local handy art products, and more that you can purchase form lined up shops.

Numerous numbers of shops and walking peddlers who sell are around the street makes the prices cheaper which attracts a lot of tourists. Tourists are often reminded to be mindful of their valuables because the crowd often attracts pick pockets and snatchers.

It is best to visit the Rue de Steinkerque on weekends’ mornings, especially on Saturdays because there are a lot of stores that offer bargains of clothes, shoes and other items. It is actually one of the busiest places in Paris on weekends.

And if you are tired of shopping around, you can stop by coffee shops and food shops to take a rest and be ready to your next destination in Montmartre.


Dine In Bistros, Restaurants, And Bars At Corner Of Rue des Abbesses

Few meters down the Abbesses, the street is filled with bars, hotel restaurants, and food shops where you can have a taste of Paris. The food establishments also are perfect for photo op where specially decorated according to the place’s history, and famous artists who have been there or who became their inspirations.

Locals love to hang out at the Abbesses because of the view, good food and as well as the great value for cheaper food prices. There are also newsstands, souvenir shops, boutiques that around the area which you can also do shopping at the same time. You can really feel the metropolitan vibe.


Stroll Around The Peculiar Boulevard de Clichy

Few meters below the famous Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, the Boulevard de Clichy can be found. More shops, bars, and restaurants can be visited. Although, the downtown is a bit peculiar because of the adulterated shops like peep shows, adult specialty shops, and a lot more weird shops you can ever imagine.

And across the Boulevard de Clichy, the Boulevard de Rochechouart can also be visited for more shops. You can stroll your day away by visiting the two tourist destination centers below the basilica creating a triangle like intersection.


Re-Visit Movies Filmed About And At Montmartre

With the astounding architectural design of the district, numerous historical events, and home of many world famous artists, the Montmartre is somewhat ideal for movie setting.

The main tourist area showcasing old theatres, cabarets, cafe, shops, and other old looking establishments can make a good setting for a documentary or old films. The old streets can draw out a lot of inspirations for a novel, movie story, or documentary.

Few of movies filmed here or used Montmartre’s history is the famous Nicole Kidman’s Moulin Rouge musical film, The Heath of Nation, An American in Paris, Ronin, a lot of war films showing world war, and many more.


Stopover Le Bateau-Lavoir

The Bateau-Lavoir is a historical building at Montmartre building which is often called “The Boat Wash – house”. This is a museum like building which has left great of the making of great artists, Paris’ renowned politicians, old and 20th century artisans, theater professionals, craftsmen, art collectors, and more.

Le Bateau – Lavoir was burned down due to fire in early 1970s, but was reconstructed after 8 years. And now, tourists can reminisce past of those people who made a mark in the history of Paris.


Watch The Moulin Rouge Show

Catch the cabaret show of the world famous The Moulin Rouge on top of the hill. The dance performances by lovely can – can girls has been displaying this talent show even during 18th century, for what it is believed to be the birth place of the modern can-can which is often linked Las Vegas. But actually, it all started in Montmartre.

Even for hundreds of years the cabaret entertainment performances is still alive and gives entertainment to locals and tourists around the world. Those who plan to watch the show must reserve or book in advance because; there are times those huge crowds of audience who also want to see the show live.


Ride Train To Tour Around The District

Feel the old metropolitan vibe of the tourist district area by trying to move around the area using Le Petit Train de Montmartre.

The train passes on main tourist destination areas which you can take pictures along the way. It is also convenient as you have lesser time walking. But of course to truly appreciate the downtown area, strong on your feet is still the best thing to actually explore the place.


Experience Street Art At Place du Tertre

The narrow alley of cobbled stone streets can take you back in time. Old themed of art shops lined up the street of Place du Tertre Montmartre.

You will be impressed on the talented street artists who perform their craft live and real time on the streets. You can even take home with you your own self portrait painted real time by freelance artists on the streets while you wait.

The place is like a small flea market but surrounded with colorful antiquities, and art works. It is an open air gallery that showcases different arts in various forms.


Explore More Art Exhibits And Museums

Paris had become the center of fashion, and artistry. This is the country where love for arts and self-expression through different art mediums was born. A lot of great artists from the past like Pablo Picasso, Gaudi, and a lot more have cultivated their passion and talents to paint, sculpture, write novels, and build quite unique architectural structures.

The Musée de la Vie Romantiqe exhibits art pieces that talks about love, speaking about why Paris is dubbed as the City of Love. There are also mini concerts, book reading and other artistic gathering held in the museum at times. The Dutch painter Ary Scheffer has transformed his home into a small museum. The museum now exhibits art pieces form other artists such as Eugene Delacroix, Frederic Chopin, George Sand, and Franz Liszt.

For architecture and design enthusiasts, you will surely love to see the Musée de Montmartre. This museum in Montmartre has collections of various architectural pieces scattered around the town.

Each monument, art pieces, and artistic structure represent special symbol which related back to the history of the city, famous people and artists, and modern representations of current significant happenings in Paris.

The museum exhibit masterpieces from amateurs, professionals, water color painters, silhouette artists, and a lot more.

Just outside the museum, last 204 the Renoir Gardens was designed which well-arranged flower gardens can be appreciated.   Tourists can take pictures with beautiful colorful flowers as their back rounds, or you can sit back and relax for few minutes.


Visit The Basilica Of Sacre-Coeur

The prominent white – painted church of Basilica of Sacre-Coeur stands up proudly on the top of the mountain. A few blocks away from the busy concreted roads of Abbesses metro station you can reach the big church.

The religious monument is an evident manifestation of the French colony in Paris from 18th century. Sadly, but of worth symbol; The Basilica of Sacre-Coeur is a huge memory of those thousands (about 58,000) who died during the 1871 attack.

Since the place seems quiet and surreal, locals and tourists often drop by this part of the district to meditate and retreat.

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