Things To Do London With Kids: Ultimate Guide For Activities And Where To Stay With Kids 2018 Edition

If you and your family finally decided to spend your vacation to United Kingdom, we recommend you visit England’s capital city, London. The city has a lot of shops for shopping, theaters to watch and historical place to visit. Overall London with kids is a great destination for a vacation.


Recommended Family Tour Packages In London With Kids

Below are seven (7) guided tours that are will surely make your whole family be delighted to spend your vacation in London with kids.

First on the list is the famous the fictional wizard novel excursion, you and your family (especially kids) can try out: Harry Potter Tour. The guided tour provides convenient transportation to Warner Brothers Studio. And Kid will love to see the set where the famous Harry Potter and other Warner films were shot. Check out ticket reservation at Muggle’s Guide to London, to know more about best way to enjoy the Harry Potter Adventure trip.

Second is the LEGOLAND Windsor Tour. The same as other Legoland from other countries around the world, the amusement park contains various giant built blocks mad from regular sized Lego.

Next, on third suggested tour package is the KidZania London Tour. If you have brought your children with you, you will be able to treat them on a fun vacation and learn at the same time. Kids will be able to work how adults earn their living from different professions like chefs, Music Videos, engineer and a lot more

Fourth tour package is another movie guided tour is the visit to Shrek’s Movie Tour. Your kids and the whole family will enjoy the adventure trip about anything about Shrek films, from the conceptualization of the movie, costumes, characters, Shrek novelty items and more!

Your family will surely enjoy also this fifth recommendation, the Chocolate Walking Tour. Kids of all ages and as well parents will love the tasting tour of different chocolate dishes from customized chocolate and candy shops around London.

Sixth tour would be a more adventure ride: the London Bike Tour. With the help of tour paid guides, the whole family can take a cycling adventure.

Lastly, the seventh tour packages would be the Classic London Bus Tour. The whole family can visit famous places in London through the convenience of riding a bus. Bus ride can bring you to UK Parliamentary hall – Westminster Place or Bid Ben (Great Bell), Royal Palace, Windsor Place, and other famous places in London.



24 Recommended Activities To Do In London With Kids

#1 Tour Around Buckingham Palace

You kids would really be interested (as well as adults) to visit the British Royal Palace in London. Generally, people have fascination with kings and queens.

Unfortunately, the Buckingham Palace is only open for public twice a year that would be the month of August and September. Entrance to the castle is £17.50, and for kids above five years old are charged with £10; otherwise child is free. If you are with the whole family, it is worth £45.


#2 Get A Creepy Trivial Tour At Tower Of London

Another historical place that leads back to medieval monarch structure is the Tower of London. Although, the castle has a deep dark story behind it as an execution and prison cell ages ago, kids will still be interested to find such place as real medieval castle. The castle entrance fee is £55 for family package, £20 for adults, £10 for children aging 5 and up.


#3 Witness The Moving Of Tower Bridge

Nope, this is not London Bridge. Often times, the Tower Bridge is as confused as the popular London Bridge because this structure had been a symbol for London for more than a century.

The bridge is famous for its hydraulic system that can be raised to let large boat [ass across the bridge, and connect the road the bridge back again to allow pedestrian and land vehicles pass across River Thames. Family entrance fee is £11, adult £8, student £5, above kids above four years old fee is £3.


#4 Learn Some UK’s History At British Museum

Every time you bring your kids on vacation, it is always a smart – parenting move to bring to museums like the British Museum. Aside from exhibits British history, kids will also enjoy displays of ancient tools and artifacts from Egyptian tombs, Parthenon age marbles, Rosetta Stones, and more.

You will be glad to know that you can bring your kids and the whole family at the British Museum free of charge. The museum has also provided exciting activity adventures  and fun activity packages.


#5 Visit The Imperial War Museum And National Army Museum

The city of London is perhaps has one of the oldest leadership and government or ruling history records. This is something that is great for kids to do in London. It goes back to the reigning of Monarchy ruling of the royal family of Windsor’s. You can bring your whole family to learn more about the history of Great Britain during Imperial times, war times and the creation and rise of British forces. Entrance to The Imperial Museum is free.


#6 Know More About Water Vehicles At National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum have collected history pieces and built a memory capsule over 500 years old of the maritime history of Great Britain and from other countries. And all those history details are exhibited in the museum. Everyone is welcome to check out the water vehicles for free.


#7 Discover Nature At The Natural History Museum

Everyone can have a knowledgeable and have fun at the Natural History Museum. Kids will love the exhibit of pre – historic era, dinosaurs’ time, planets, nature, and a lot more! You just have to bring your whole family at South Kensington to check out displays at the museum.

Well, what is good about London, even Natural History Museum’s displays are amazing, people can go inside for free!


#8 Quick History Tour At The Museum Of London Docklands

The Museum of London Docklands is a place where collection of and archives of historical journey of River of Thames. Tourists and other guests can come and visit the museum for free.


#9 Know More About Emerging Technologies And More At The Science Museum

Kids really love Science. Bring your kids at the Science Museum. Electronics devices, high technology gadgets, and numerous techy inventions can catch their attention. The revolution and research about space explorations, industrial development, interesting classic vehicles, movie science fictions (yet now are reality) and common household machines can catch your kids’ attention. The museum charges nothing. Kids and even adults can enjoy learning Science the fun way.


#10 Appreciate British Artistry National Portrait Gallery

The whole family can visit the National Portrait Gallery to know a little run down history of the British history. You will be happy to know that entrance to most of museum (if not all) are for free, including the Protrait Gallery.


#11 Fun Ride At London Transport Museum

Parents would really have no problem bringing kids to London. Kids will surely enjoy discovering different kinds of vehicle displays from real life buses, trams, cars, fire trucks, and a lot more. The museum also exhibits collectible miniature versions of different transportation machines.

Seventeen years (17) old family members above must only pay £13.50 each, otherwise – you can come inside free!


#12 Visit Modern Art At The Tate Modern

For contemporary and modern art appreciation, you can have a quick visit in the Tate Modern Museum. The museum is located inside of what used to be Bankside Power Station. With the wide are for display for paintings, sculptures and all kinds of artistic creations will surely make you appreciate artistic talent from all walks of life.

The museum usually charges nothing but there are events that the museum requests minimal fee for visitors ages 13 and above.


#13 Try A Wizardry At The Harry Potter Movie Set And Warner Bros Studio Tour London

To relive the childhood dream of wizards and other magical creatures in the most famous wizardry novel and film, parents should bring their kids to the filming set of Harry Potter in London. The studio also showcase how all other films of Warner Brothers movies are made, costumes, movie pros, film technology, green screen animations and among others. Family tour is charged with £126 while individual tour for Adults £39, kids £15 above 5 years old.


#14 Walk Around In Amazement Of Legoland Windsor

The world of creativity can be experienced in Legoland Windsor. Almost all all kids were able to play the famous block brand. Even as those kids grew up, (that include us parents) have never stopped playing Lego bricks!

Various mini built Lego creations are displayed, as well as giant figures like houses or famous Lego figures can be seen there. Tickets are sold for £45 each for both adults and kids. Check out online booking for discounted price.


#15 Watch The Changing Of The Guard

After visiting and walking around the Buckingham Palace, you can give your kids a little rest from all the strolling activities. Let them watch the performance of Changing Guards. It is a bit of a display of coordination and discipline. Something our kids can also learn from.

Families can watch the popular Changing of Guards at the Windsor Palace just outside the famous Buckingham Palace.


#16 Ride A Giant Ferris Wheel, London Eye

The Millennium Ferris Wheel or famously known as the London Eye, what used to be the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, not until another giant one was built in Singapore. The amusement ride is about 443 feet tall. Kids can ride the giant Ferris wheel because the speed of the ride is not scary, just right enough for the whole family to see the whole London from the top of the London Eye. The price for the London Eye costs £11 for kids 4 to 15, £19 for adults and for a group the price is £60.


#17 Ready To Be Scared At The London Dungeon

If your children are scared of cats and are little sensitive, you may try to avoid this place. But generally, you will be surprised a lot of families bring their young kids on the London Dungeon to be ready to feel the heat of dark and surprisingly morbid themed castle.

The museum exhibits the dark history of London in the old times. In early times, the first batch display of the dungeon was figure wax of the cruel punishment and dark days of London. Entrance to dungeon for adults is £21 for adults, and for kids ages 4 £1to 15 is £16.80.


#18 Try To Guess How Many Sea Creatures You Know At London Sea Life Aquarium

The London Sea Life Aquarium is a huge man – made habitat for aquatic creatures. The place has a large water tank that lets thousands of sea creatures swim together. A habitat made from a large tunnel aquarium where sharks,(the famous movie character fish”Nemo”) clown fishes, monster fishes and other finned creatures.

The park has also a habitat for penguins, fresh water, and tropical fishes. Tickets are sold for £21 and kids below 15 years old (to 4years old) are £16.80.


#19 Have A Fun Day At London Zoo

You kids will happy to see different animals at the London Zoo. The zoo take cares various animals from domestic pets, jungle animals, and exotic arachnids and reptiles. Tickets to the zoo are from £23 up to £75.80 – per kid, adult and family package.


#20 Visit The National Gallery

For those who are inclined to paintings, you can bring your kids and the whole family to the National Gallery to check out the amazing and well kept, of over 2,300 paintings. The museum welcomes art lovers for free.


#21 Climb The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building structure in Europe! The modern glass inspired architecture of the skyscraper attracts thousands of guests every year. Tourists will surely be amazed on the 95 floor building in a uniquely coned shaped structure, designed by an Italian artist Renzo Piano. Tour for the building is £79.95 for each family £30.95, and £24.95 for adults (ages from kids 4 to 15).


#22 Meet Famous People At Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figure Museum

Nah! They are not real people. But you can take pictures together with world famous celebrities’ wax figures. Bring your whole family at the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Celebrities from world Olympians, tops music artists, movie stars and most popular politicians are displayed in the museum. Standard ticket are sold for £35 in adults, £30 in kids from 4 to 15 years old.


#23 Cruise Through Thames On A Boat Tour

For convenient and different way of exploring the city of London, you can bring your kids and other family members in a ferry ride, cruising across River Thames. One way ticket is sole from £12.50 and £6.25, for adults and kids respectively.


#24 Watch A Musical

There are kid friendly musical plays. London brags the most number of classic Broadway and theaters shows.

Musical plays can get the interests of your kids to watch are The Lion King at the Covent Garden, Shrek The Musical at Covent Garden, Wicked The Musical at the Piccadilly Circus, and a lot more. Ticket sales of different musical plays in London at TKTS  and


The Best Parks For Kids In London

The let all the energy your kids have, you can drain it down by bringing them to notable parks and playgrounds in city of London. Most of these parks are for free, and you will be able to relax on café’s and food stalls while your kids play.


Kew Gardens

The garden boasts a cleverly built tree top walkway. The Garden also have indoor playground.


Hampstead Heath

The whole family will surely enjoy a picnic beside the nice view of a lake. You can bring food to share with your kids and other family member or just buy around food stands around the Hampstead picnic area.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park has a lot of kid’s themed fun play area. One famous one is “The Diana”, names after the most popular Princess of Whales. The Diana is a pirate and sailor inspired themed playground. There is also a popular Princess Diana Memorial Fountain standing in the middle of the park to pay tribute to the late Princess of Whales. You can also rent your family a paddle boat or row boat.


St James’s Park

Fun fact trivia for kids: Queen Elizabeth not only owns all dolphins but also swans! Yes, every swan you see at the St. James Park is owned by the queen herself! That is why the park is also called the Royal Parks because of the number of swans in the area. You can also check out pelicans and other animals living on the Duck Island at St. James Park.


Battersea Park

The park is along the River Thames. Families can relax and rest peacefully on the gardens covered with healthy towering trees and blooming plants. Boating on the lake and the Children’s Zoo can also be found in the park area.

There is a also a small zoo at the park which hosts to few creatures like butterflies, monkeys, domesticated pets, and farm animals.


Regent’s Park

Lastly, the Regent’s Park boasts the London Zoo. Families can rent boats and frolic at a rose garden and Japanese inspired garden structures.

Remember, this list of parks is just few from hundreds of beautiful kid’s play areas, picnic groves and gardens in London City.


Helpful Route To London


How To Travel From Heathrow Airport To London Metropolis

Hire A Car For Service In London

One way car service form Heathrow only costs around £50, which you can book ahead of time at . The car rental company offers discount for bookings ahead of time.


Ride A Cab From The Airport

Taxi ride from the airport is expensive but it is convenient. Although be prepared to be overcharged twice as much as you rent a car.


Use The Tube To Get Around The City Of London

So far, subway is the least expensive way to travel around London. Tubes stops are conveniently connected every tourist spots so you will just have to walk few minutes away from the stations.


Use The Heathrow Express

The train station near the padding station is also a good way to get to the London metro but this is a little bit expensive compared to tubes.


How To Travel From Gatwick Airport To London Metropolis

Use The Gatwick Express

This is the best transport system to London from Gatwick. Fare is only £29 and £15, for adults and kids above 5 years old.


Ride The Cab

There is a taxi bay outside the Gatwick airport, that can get you to London area.


Practical To Use The Tube In London With Kids

London transport subway system is called “tubes”. These are connecting underground trains that connect popular tourist destinations in the city. While “Oyster Card” is what London local call a ticket or travel card used for tubes.


Practical Uses and Easy To Reach Parks Around London

  • Most public parks are located at the nearest tube stations. This makes tourists especially with kids conveniently roam around the city. The tubes are just few meters away from those parks. The stations have lift (or elevators) and escalators going to train platform areas.
  • You need to access the map of the London tube stations to find the nearest route for your next destination.
  • Free train tube rides at Docklands Light Rail (DLR) to kids aging below 10
  • Oyster Cardholders often times can avail discounts and promos to shops, tourists area, etc.
  • side from the Oyster Card, travelers can also use paper Travel Card which needs to be inserted on station entrance and exit slots.


Tips For Bus Rides With Kids

Bus is one of the earliest public transports in London. You can ride bus with your kids with convenience around the city.

  • Riding Double Decker Bus is one of “must try things” to do in London. Double Deck buses somehow become an iconic ride around the city. Buses also pass by the famous places, as well.
  • Bus intervals are just within three to ten minutes.
  • The Oyster and paper Travel Cards are also accepted in bus stations.
  • You needed a map for bus stop to easily know areas you need to reach faster.
  • Download list of Bus schedule, and locations on your iPhone at London Bus Checker.


Oyster Card Information Tips

  • Oyster Card is a rectangular, what looks like a credit plastic card.
  • The card can be used in riding bus, and train Stations (DLR or the Docklands Light Rail).
  • Oyster Card can be loaded. You can purchase load for you card at the tellers on all train station and tubes area.
  • Oyster Cards allows card older access special promos and discounts.
  • The card require a minimum of a £5 load.
  • Kids ages 11 to 15 years old needed to get their photo taken. This is for security purposes.
  • Children aging below 10 years old are free on tubes, bus and DLR.



Accommodations Tips For Families Visiting London

When staying in London, the most expensive part of the trip will probably be your hotel room when traveling to London with kids. The reason for this is because not only is London expensive, it’s hard to find a large room for your family because of the limited space in this city.



Tips For Hotels In London

Check out hotels online: Your family can check out websites that show lists of best hotels in the city like London Family Hotels

Book ahead of time: Once you finally decided to what hotel to check in to – you have to book early. This will allow a lot of time for schedule changes without costing big charges fee, and of course possibility of discounts.

For long vacation, consider an apartment: You will save more in renting on apartments for long – term stay in London, try the and

Consider hotels outside the Central London: The accommodations outside the London busy metro area (especially near tubes) is cheaper compared to the apartments and hotels in the central London.

Try band breakfast when with family: Eating meals in bed and breakfast establishments is cheaper than paying meals individually. Plus, bed and breakfast restaurants serve one of the bests meals in London.

Look for apartments with Kitchenette: If the accommodation has its own kitchen and laundry area you can save more in food and as well as laundry expenses. Quick snack or light meals can be prepared at the apartment and you can save your money to eat on fancy restaurant. Check the Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments

Splurge in trying out luxury hotels: Once in a while you can treat your whole family to be treated like king and queens while you stay in a fancy hotel. Check out list at The Langham, London

Spot good mid – range accommodations: You family can also save and at the same time enjoy a relaxing stay on a mid – range type of hotel. List can be found at  Marriott London County Hall

Spend more on tour and food: If you are in a budgeted vacation situation and wanted not to miss all the fun and try the best foods in London, you can cut back on the place you and your family stays. Look for budget-friendly hotels but have good feedbacks from previous guests – Hart House Hotel

Stay in hotels with swimming: Your family will enjoy more the London trip if the hotel you stay is there a pool. Even kids are not yet on tour, they can soak and have fun in the hotel’s swimming pool are. Some of the hotels in London that have swimming pool open for guests are: Marriott London County Hall, Kensington Close Hotel , The Berkeley Hotel London , Rembrandt Hotel London, Grange Holborn Hotel, Marylebone Hall, Hilton London Metropole, and Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa. You can check ahead of time good indoor pools and outdoor swimming pools online before booking to make sure that the pool areas are safe and age appropriate for your kids.


Choose Child – Friendly Restaurants

In order for your family to enjoy and make the most out of your stay in London, you also have to research well what are the best foods and restaurants will your kids dive into. Most fine dining restaurants in London require reservation and advanced booking. Make sure you will not wait your time waiting in long lines just to wait for your turn to eat.These are few recommended restaurants you can take your family:

  • Byron: Kids will love their burgers and other fries meal.
  • Wagamama: Noodles and more in a fun environment
  • Rain Forest Cafe: The café is a circus and jungle themed
  • Giraffe: Foods are healthy yet kids will love the taste of the meal they serve.
  • Bella Italia: The restaurant serves Italian foods like pasta and pizza.
  • Spaghetti House: Another Italian inspired restaurant that serves the best Spaghetti in the city.\
  • EAT: This restaurant serves the best sandwich in London at an affordable price.
  • Pret A Manger: This is also another sandwich hub in London.


Other List of restaurants in London: Yelp ,,, and


Weather Considerations In London City When Traveling With Kids

Kids are susceptible to diseases and their mood can easily be affected by weather conditions. Check the temperature and weather below if it is the perfect time for you and the whole family to schedule your London getaway.


Coldest Season:

  • February as the driest month
  • January as the coldest month
  • December as the festive cold month
  • November mildly rainy and cold
  • October as the most recorded rain showers month)


Warm Season:

  • July as the hottest month
  • September
  • August


Mildly Comfortable Season

  • June
  • May
  • April
  • March


Note: Although the above mentioned season is usual schedule for the weather temperature, you have to always be reminded that the saying, “umbrella is an essential fashion in London” for nothing – so expect that even if it turned out to be a sunny day, there are greater chances of raining in any time of the day.

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