New Year’s In Italy 2018/2019

Italy has a magnificent view and a wonderful culture. New Year’s celebration in Italy has never been exciting and fun.

It is a good idea to celebrate the year – end holiday for New Year’s in Italy 2018. The country is a wonderful place to spend vacation. It has a lot of great things to offer; it is made special by splendid arts, architecture, culture, and traditions. With the contribution of renaissance artistry and Roman Empire, Italy is a great place to visit!

Holiday on the coldest season in Italy is probably the longest among other Catholic majority country. The celebration starts from Christmas Eve (December 24th), Christmas Day (December 25th), a week preparation for year – end parties, New Year’s Eve and San Silvestre (both in the evening of December 31st), New Year’s Day (January 1st), and extended till 6th of January for Epiphany Feast.


Planning your Travel to Italy for the Holidays

Italy is following a Gregorian calendar which basically the same period which being followed by most of the countries around the world. Despite Italians have a very long holiday event; only 1st of January is declared as national public holiday.

With a large number of tourists and locals going back home for the long holidays in Italy, hotels and transportation fare are expected also to upsurge quickly. So it is always advised for those who wanted to travel Italy to prepare and book, a month before December to get cheaper hotel fees and transportation fees.

You should also extend your vacation until first few weeks of January past New Year’s in Italy.

Just few days before December arrives, almost all hotels, restaurants and popular tourist destination in Italy are full booked. From Florence, Verona, Sicily, to Venice, hotels and famous tourist spots are crowded with lots of vacationers and holiday beaters.

So, to escape the holiday rush and spend a lot of time finding your way out of the crowd, here are few travel trips that might help you.


Plan ahead  

Getting ready for a travel has never been easy for Italy for New Years. You must have a lot of patience and know exactly your budget. Planning should start few months before booking your trip to Italy. Otherwise, you will end up paying so much more than you should because the huge number of travelers in Italy increases as the holidays becomes nearer, especially for New Years in Milan.


Book hotel accommodations and fare tickets ahead of time

Hotels, inns and lodges are cheaper before the holiday rush because of lesser demand. But you have to be patient about it because Italy is such a famous country to visit, and even more busy for New Years in Italy 2018.

Great thing about the internet: you can book accommodations, buy train tickets and get plane fare online. It is cheaper and convenient. You can use Trenitalia, which is the most popular train operator in the country. You can ride their new and reliable FRECCE trains from all around cities in the country. You can buy tickets online and possibly get good price offers for New Years in Rome.

Well, to remind you again, always expect that dates: December 24th & 25th, December 31st, January 1st and January 6th are the most chances were locals and tourists flocked popular restaurants, shopping centers and other events area. So make sure to book ahead of time to get sure slots to places you need to visit on these dates. Other \wise, you can just move your tour on next day and just relax in your hotel for a day or two.


Get practical travel blog tips from well – seasoned travelers online 

After checking dates if you are allowed to file a leave at work and you were able to clear you schedule, decide where to go and how to spend your long holiday trip to Italy.

In the age of internet, it is now easier to book to hotels, buy airfare tickets or schedule for tourist destination in advance. It is also much easier to scout for famous tourists’ attraction areas and those newly discovered and highly recommended abode. You can also stumble on practical tips on how to make your life easier when traveling Italy and even for New Years in Venice. These include: What to wear, what to bring, what not to do (friendly warnings), easiest route, coolest events, cheaper stores, and all sorts of travel advises that may help you big time! You can also find a lot of promos and discounts online.


Spending New Year’s Eve the Italian Way

An Italian family is thicker than water. They value togetherness and close family ties. They are also lovers of food, and they never fail to give significance to special occasions. Family is the reason why Italians would always want to gather together. They will always find reasons to celebrate events/holidays and New Years in Italy are no exception.

All over the world people celebrates New Year’s Eve. This is to anticipate the coming of New Year. Although Chinese calendar has different period for New Year’s celebration, most of the people anywhere in the world, are preparing festive celebration to welcome the New Year. It symbolizes not just new year, but also new life, and “thanks giving” for the year that was.

In Italy, the evening of December 31 also celebrates the Notte di San Silvestro or known as San Silvestre. This is to commemorate the life of a Catholic Saint, Blessed Silvestre. He is a Catholic bishop in the late 300’s. His life and works are valued and respected by both Catholic and Orthodox Church.

Both New Year’s Eve and the San Silvestre feast are both celebrated with family gatherings, by preparing and sharing: sumptuous food, dancing and festive activities. Here are some traditions local Italians do before the year ends:


Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks!

An impressive fireworks display is also expected on the exact midnight of January 31. The night before it, families and friends gather together to await the New Year together.


Wine Toast for Ending the Year with Love

Sparkling Wine has also been vital to Italian New Year celebration. Each person holds a glass and toast the night away as to show peace and love to all people around, especially New Years in Florence.


Enjoying New Year’s Day in Italy

“Copadanno” is an Italian word for New Year or literally means “start of the year”. Even after a festive celebration the night before, you cannot get enough of fun. Party and family affairs continue till the dawn and whole day ahead on 1st of January. Music, bonfire and fireworks continue to welcome the Italy New Year ahead!


Food: Lentils and Pork Dish for Prosperity

Speaking of food, like any other New Year’s event around the world, New Year in Italy is comprised of good food. And each food represents something. Italians prepare local dishes that are protein rich like various dried beans (lentils) to represent financial blessings and abundant harvest. This is an Italian dishes like risotto and cotechino. And Italians also serve pork to symbolize fullness of life like a prosperity magnet for New Years in Italy.


The Magic of Red Undies

It is also part of the local Italian tradition to wear red undies on the eve of New Year on the night of December 31 as a sign of luck and happiness. And you will also find it strange to see hanging of red underwear all around the windows of public areas like shops, markets, and sometime on residences’ regions.


Enjoy your Italian holiday!

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