New Year’s Celebrations In Italy And Events In Italy 2019

Italy is a place of magic – especially because of its explosive festivals, and the parties and fireworks which break forth in an array of color and design and fascination for all people from all walks of life. Especially during the celebration of New Years in Italy and il Capodanno, with firework displays are to be found all throughout the cities and towns of the Italian countryside and seaside, and very busy cities.

This welcomes in the Italy New Year celebration and says goodbye to the old one. As well, another holiday is celebrated at the exact same time, La Festa di San Silvestro, although its more of a festival to celebrate New Years in Italy and enjoy foods and feasting as friends and family. You’ll also often see lentils being served, due to their traditional symbolism having to do with money and fortune in the coming new year. As well as Italian spiced sausages – symbolizing a ‘richness of life’ in the year to come. As you can see, Italians take their New Year quite seriously!

New Year’s Eve In Italy

Italian folklore claims that wearing red underwear on the coming of the new year is good luck, and this is just one of many interesting and fun Italian New Year’s traditions. Other include throwing old items and possessions out of your windows, which is symbolic of accepting the new year and the ‘new things, options, mysteries’ that it will bring you.

As well, if you’re the guest of Italian families or friends, expect to be awarded with games of Tombola and plenty of sparkling wine Presecco and spumante. Partying and getting to know people throughout these bigger cities is one of the joys of Italian New Year.


New Year’s Fireworks And Dancing In Italy

Our suggestion is to visit Naples at this time of the year – hands down it has one of the best Firework displays across the whole nation. Other small towns have firework shows in their main squares, or they build large bonfires and party around them throughout most of the night and even into the early hours of the morning. The New Year is truly a time for fun, games, drink, food, and celebration.

Not even to mention the live music and events throughout these wonderful hours, many of which can be found throughout Rome, Naples, Milan, and the other large cities – where (often outdoors) these shows are very popular with the locals and tourists alike.


New Year’s Eve In Bologna

Here in Bologna, the traditions are very local and unlike all other places in Italy. Sure, there are the usual musical types and fireworks, but there is also Fiera del Bue Grasso (or, the fat ox fair). During this event, an ox is taken and decorated from its hooves to his tail to his horns – mostly in laces and ribbons and flowers. The ox is then paraded through the streets as people light candles or pop fireworks around the city, following which a lottery begins to see which lucky guy or gal will take possession of that years lucky New Year’s ox.

At midnight a wooden effigy of an old man, symbolizing the old year, is thrown into a bonfire. Happy New Year!


New Year’s Eve In Florence

If you plan on eating anything while in Florence on New Year’s, make sure to reserve a table in advance, otherwise you’ll find no seating for the excellent meals they provide. Then, take a lovely stroll along the Arno River and across one of its many bridges, wherefrom you will have a perfect vantage point to watch the bursts of color from all types of fireworks.

Make use also of the public concerts that are available in Piazza della Signoria and Piazza della Repubblica. A large club in the city also has a great new year’s party and music going, check out: Tenax, or many other Nightclubs in Florence for New Years.


New Year’s Eve In Naples And Capri

Here in Naples’ they still throw their old possessions out the windows to ring in the new year. As well, this area is famous for its great outdoor musical festival in Piazza del Plebiscito, and the magnificent fireworks which follow the performances.

As well, a tradition which originated from the Naples area is Lo Sciuscio, where bands of amateur musicians make their noise and play from house to house on New Year’s Eve in Naples. It’s almost like Halloween, although giving them candy as they play is symbolic of earning your own luck in coming year by paying them for the songs.

Close by, on the island of Capri, the celebrations of New Years in Capri can be just a wonderful, and often have more of a unique local feel to them, which is truly and traditionally Italian.


New Year’s Eve In Pisa

Pisa provides excellent culture in its fireworks and musical selections, as well as concerts that are held at Pisa’s Verdi Theater.


New Year’s Eve In Rimini

A televised event throughout all of Italy, Rimini on the Adriatic Coast, actually has a very large and very popular New Years Eve festival. This event is held most of the day and night in Piazzale Fellini, and beyond the music and fireworks and dancing, there are plenty of nearby friend’s bars and nightclubs to keep everyone entertained.


New Year’s Eve In Rome

New Years in Rome is one of the best places to celebrate – with daytime activities of performers and acrobats (often centered at Piazza de Popolo) and nighttime events such as the fireworks, and amazing classical/rock concerts. There is plenty for both children and adults to do and enjoy.

Even if you just keep close to the Colosseum, you’ll find it changes throughout the day as many events take place from start to finish. The partying really never ends. And then look high up into the sky, and get ready for the wonderful fireworks which explode all across the city and park views.


New Year’s Eve In Turin

In Turin, expect to be dazzled by a long parade, more festivities than you can count, and the nightly end with fireworks lighting up the sky!


New Year’s Eve In Venice

Venice during the New Year is perhaps best known for its fantastic feasts which last for hours – including buckets of wine and many different courses to celebrate the ending of another a good year, and fresh start that tomorrow brings.

As well, there are great musical concerts held in St Mark’s Square, with the delightful Bellini Brindisi come midnight. These events can also be found in the Piazza Ferretto in Mestre.

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