Milan Design Week 2018/2019: Events, Locations And Dates For Milano Design Week

The most awaited fashion event annually only happens in Fuorisalone 2018 at Milan, Italy. Where else would Milan Design Week 2018 be? Of course, only in the fashion capital of the world! Plan ahead those sassy clothes and buckle up those classy shades and fancy shoes for your Milan trip.

The basics and intricacy in fashion all stated and ends in a city to design – Milan. Whether it is fashionable clothing line or remarkable architectural design, “Fourisalone” marks the exhibit and gathering of best art works and designers. It is the Mecca of excellent design and anything remarkable pieces of creations.

“Salone del Mobile” will be expected to be showcased this coming April 2018. The core of the Milan Design Week’s mainly revolves around “Fuorisaone” and “Salone del Mobile”. The long awaited Milan Deign Week 2018 will feature exhibits of cutting – edge styles and other artistic creations from established designers. It will also be gala of different elegant brands and fancy arts through creative exhibit with soulful music and other entertainment medium. The event will also be an avenue for young aspiring and exceptionally talented designers. Famous celebrities from all over the world are often spotted during the event gala. The festival of beauty and creations gather both professionals to showcase their creations and skillful design creators to be inspired new trend formation for 2018 Milan Design Week.


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Design Districts In Milan For Milano Design Week 2018

Milan, as the capital for fashion would generally mean it has to showcase artistry on all corners of the city. Fuorisalone Fashion Design festival is a series of events around Milan district: from San Gregorio, Porta Venezia, the ‘5Vie’, Sant’ Ambrogio, to San Babila, and other promising art works. The 2018 Milan Fashion Week hosts all mediums of arts from clothes, artisanal crafts, ateliers, architectural and industrial workspaces, “botteghe” and other famous, luxury and exclusive brands names for Milan Design Week 2018


Artsy Alley at Brera

The rustic look of the Brera Design District is populated by old looking shops, artsy showroom, and antique centers. The narrow and aged paved alleys along the shops make it more exciting to tour around the district.

Exclusive and high-end brands are also showcased in this area which all organized fundraiser, Design for Children exhibit every year. In 2017, the event was held at Triennale Design Museum, showing classic and tasteful designs for kids around the world. The same exhibit to showcase Italian designs will still be held on February 18, 2018.


Design Open Show in Ventura Lambrate

The Ventura Lambrate District started as a gateway to unite and gather designers from all over the world. Milan in general has both industrial and archaic locations. Located in an industrial part of Milan, the ‘Ventura Lambrate’ exhibit, allows both young and aspiring designers to showcase their art work and find possible buyers. Milan Design week 2018 is not limited to professional art industry but also to those have admirable talent, as well.


Playful Structure of Tortona

Fuorisalone was then known as two main block, SuperStudio and Tortona.

Tortona Design District accommodated showcase projects in Base Milano (which used to be called Ansaldo Industrial Complex). In 2017, the event area unveiled design projects of playful modern design structures, nomadic lifestyle ideas; crafty houses that float, ingenious everyday useful-items and a lot more.

While on Tortona, drop off on SuperStudio. Superdesign Show exhibits elegant and colorful creations, with the theme – the ‘Time to Color’ show. The most prominent designer names ’ participations like Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, Patrcia Urquiola, and chef Davide Oldani can be expected in the 2018 Milan Fashion Week Event.

Plus, you do not want to miss prestigious hotels, the Magna Pars and the Nhow in Fuorisalone. These hotels would make creations more luxurious and admirable.


Parade on ’5 Vie’

Last year, ‘5 vie’ district showcased aspiring talents through parade of allegoric floats by Seletti which was teamed up with Milano Pride. The parade was dubbed as “Design Pride”, specifically to publicly recognize artistry from students from around the world! Aspirants are looking forward to attending Milan Design Week 2018 in ‘5 vie’!


Design Hub on Isola

Isola Design District is a new design center in Fuorisalone strategically located in Milanese Skycrapers and Bosco Verticale. Designers and art enthusiast are excited to check out various artsy creations on Isola District’s showrooms this coming 2018.


Exhibits in Ventura Centrale

All corners in Milan are all epitome of creative concepts! Still located in Ventura Lambrate District, an event in an underground tunnel in Central Railway Station in Ventura Centrale 116 was held to display various brand new designs. The affair inaugurated last 2017, under the tunnel is clever yet tasteful. More designs are expected to be showcased in Milano Design Week 2018.


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