Weekend Trip In UK: 5 Different And Fun Adventures You Should Go On

United Kingdom has great architecture and unconventional culture as time passes. The idea of spending weekends, holidays and long vacation in UK is such an amusing and exciting idea. Great Britain has showed different artistry from architecture, paintings, sculptures, music and movies. The evolution of the culture in UK progress in time as new trends occurs and there’s so many different and fun weekend trips in the UK that you can go on to have a good time.

Tourism around Great Britain changes too, overtime. Flocks of tourists keep coming back to UK from appreciating grand structures built hundred years ago, eat delectable food choices, and visit museums. With all the common weekend activities, UK has quirky and peculiar way to spend a day or two. We prepared a list of 5 unique weekend trips to go on in UK.


5 Different And Fun Adventures  Weekend Trip In The UK

Join A CluQuest Challenge

ClueQuest Live Escape Game in London is a fun and quirky activity you can enjoy doing with your friends and family members for a weekend trip in UK. Teams need to answer puzzles and game challenges before proceeding to next test until getting into the final challenge. It is kind of cool activity because it motivates one to think and enjoy at the same time.


Explore Mythical Castles And Witchcraft

Visit the ancient witchcraft and legendary castles at Southern England. People ages ago relied on witchcraft and methodology. This is rather an unusual tourist destination but also a learning that can draw more interest because of the thought of magical creatures, fantasies, and fairy tales. The tour also shows dark side of United Kingdom’s history discussing about witchcraft and haunted fortresses. It’s a little different but still fun for those looking to do some in the UK for the weekend.


Visit The Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood had been famous for the shooting in one of the movie scenes in the famous trilogy movie Lord of the Rings. The mossy and moist land area in Forest of Dean serves inspirational settings of LOTR writer creator J.R.R. Tolkien for the Middle Earth kingdom.


Participate In A Special Movie Showing

Another quirky activity is to watch a movie in London and be part of the special movie showing. It would be so nice to become one of actors to play specific role. However, special invite must be given in order to attend this special cinema. The Whirled Cinema located at the Loughborough Junction requires membership in order to participate the special cinema screening. There are special cinemas open to public which also serves food, and beverages like Backyard Cinema and Stockwell Secret Cinema.


Visit An Unusual Highgate Cemetery

Although it is unusual for a vacation to spend it to a cemetery where you do not have any buried family members or friends in the cemetery at Highgate Cemetery. It would be quirky and once in a lifetime scary adventure as a weekend trip in the UK. Explore London’s eeriest cemetery where often visited by magicians, cult members, and even ghost and vampire hunters.

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