London Itinerary For 5 Days – 2018/2019 Guide

London is among the most popular cities around the globe. It has been the favorite location of films and stories that have made our childhood and even teenage lives so interesting. Undoubtedly, London has been part of many people’s travel bucket lists because of its natural beauty and the man-made wonders that are located in the city. We highly recommend that you stay in London for at least five days in order to experience the local tradition and see the marvelous sights that it offers. Thus you’ll need a London 5 day itinerary.

Just know that a travel getaway here can really be expensive, especially for a 5 day London itinerary. You need to prepared financially when going to this city. Despite this fact, there are still sure ways to save a penny on your London tour. One way is by booking a tour during low seasons such as during March or November. It is during these months when you can get lower airfares and hotel prices for a London itinerary for 5 days. Summer months may be busier for London because of crowds that flock its festivals.


5 Day London Itinerary

London Day 1

Your first day of the 5 day London itinerary does not necessarily have to be expensive right away. You could just get on a free walking tour of London where you can familiarize yourself with the city. The entire walking tour lasts for more than two hours. It begins in the Hyde Park and ends in the Parliament building. From there, you could choose to go no by yourself or with your group to explore the other wonders of the city.

You need to have a map all the time so that you could easily get to your desired destination. Do not be afraid to try new things, local restaurants and pubs, and other activities in the city. You will surely love traveling through the underground stations because it could bring you to the different parts of England easily.

The map will already be your best guide to traveling London for 5 days. Make sure that you also have your camera handy so that you could capture the best travel memories while you are in the place. You could take the tube in order to see the majestic building of the Parliament and also witness Big Ben nearby. Explore the city, walk the streets, and cross the bridge until you reach the London Eye.

The London Eye is actually one of my most favorite parts of the city. It allowed me to get a complete view of London which fulfilled my dreams of visiting this place. Apart from the London Eye, I also loved the wonderful entertainment at the Piccadilly Circus.

You could end your first day of travel to London by going to Oxford Street where you can find beautiful stuff for your purchase or plain sight. After the actual shopping or just the window shopping, then head on to Soho which offers delectable meals.


London Day 2

Your second day in London of the 5 day itinerary must fulfill your fairy tale fantasies. Do not ever miss the traditional changing of guards at the Buckingham Palace. This happens every single day except the months between April and August. You will surely love this beautiful ceremony so make sure that you won’t be late for it to get a good view.

After visiting the Buckingham Palace, you may also appreciate majestic and artistic creations at the National Gallery. Breath some London air at the Trafalgar Square as you go into daydreaming. Then visit the Westminster Abby and be stunned by its historic significance to London.


London Day 3

Your third day of the 5 day London itinerary is the best time to enjoy other famous destinations in the city such as the Tower of London. You could reach this place by getting through the London tube. From the tube, get on some walking adventures going to the Crown Jewels. From there, head on to the Tower Bridge by first walking along the Thames.

After the walking spree, rest your feet and enjoy British cuisine. Head on directly to the tube which would bring you to the British Museum where you could indulge in historic and artistic crafts that have played important roles in the development of different civilizations.

After the cultural getaway at the museum, bring on some luxury to your travel by getting good deals at the department store of Harrods.


Day 4 In London

London is a highly modernized city, but you can still definitely enjoy lush greeneries in the place. You will feel extremely serene by just sitting down and strolling along the Kensington Gardens. It is actually just nearby another remarkable tourist destination which is the Hyde Park. Spend your entire morning thinking about beautiful things in this admirable place part of your London 5 day itinerary.

You will also love the abundance of local restaurants in the area of the Kensington Gardens. They all offer diverse culinary options from local English delicacies to international cuisines. The streets are also filled with small boutiques that offer inexpensive souvenir items like mugs and shirts that are all below 5 GBP.

If you are not into shopping, you could just spend your day on a beautiful tour of the Stonehenge. Well, it is not located within the city so you will have to travel through a bus early in the afternoon which will cost you more than 15 GBP on a single journey. If you are traveling with your family and friends, renting a car could also be another great option to reach the Stonehenge.


Day 5 In London 

If you think that you cannot do anything on your last day but stay in the hotel, then you are wrong about your London itinerary for 5 days. There are still exciting things to complete on your fifth day in London. Make sure that you visit the Natural History Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Science Museum to expand your heart’s appreciation and mind’s knowledge of Britain.

You may also opt to spend the earlier part of your day by visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Windsor Palace where you can fill your eyes with beautiful sights. Both these destinations can be reached by taking a tube from Central London.


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