How To Plan For A Weekend In London – 2018/2019 Edition

Take break from work and plan for a weekend in London. Spend time with your friends and family somewhere you can relax, stroll around, dine on fancy diners, and catch up with your loved ones. London City is such a neat place to have a quick weekend getaway. For two days of tripping and traveling around the city, there are a lot of museums, parks, architectural landmarks, and impressive restaurants.

One of the busiest cities in the world is London and there’s no better place to plan for a weekend than London. The city offers various transportation systems from busses, trains, tubes, cabs, and private vehicles fill the roads and underground area of London. London City also provides easy access to transport within the metro and other British region.

During hectic hours, the main business roads of London are into a heavy traffic dilemma. Most likely, it is better to walk that wait for the traffic to move. In order not to be stuck in the same situation when you are spending your weekend trip to London, you have to be wise enough to beat the densely vehicle populated streets to get to your destination soon.

So, how do you plan a perfect weekend trip in the city of London without any fuzz? We have prepared five 5 easy ways how to enjoy a 2-day trip in London City!


How To Plan For A Weekend In London

Prepare A list

Do the classic way of organizing when planning for a weekend in London. Plan a head and list down all the activities and places you wanted to visit. By writing down the things that you want to do over the weekend will make you maximize and manage your time well.


Stay In The Center Of Town

There are a lot of accommodations in London. Hotels, hostel, transient houses, condos and even weekend apartments are available for London tourists. Generally, those accommodations in central area are a bit pricey compared to those that are on farther side of the city. However, despite of the comparison, it is still best to book accommodations in the central area when planning for a two day trip to London.

You can save a lot of time, traveling, beat the traffic, and important establishments and landmarks are just around the corner of the metro where you can walk if you cannot get a cab or ride a train. You can use AirBnb, Booking.Com, or HomeAway to book for reservation.


Research Places You Want To Visit

The best way on how to plan for a weekend in London is start by researching online of pages and websites of places you wanted to include in your list, you will be able to avail special discounts and promotions on weekend. You can even reserve and book ahead of time on bars, pubs, museums, restaurants, and other establishments that are often fully booked on weekends.

Getting also the idea and experience of other travelers who were able to have a weekend trip to London through online feedbacks, and blogs can give you an idea on what places to visit and what to avoid. This will save you a lot of money and time.

Ask also family members, friends or colleagues who have been on London for the weekend to get their feedback and get valuable ideas on how to escape hustles during the trip.


You Can Rely On London’s Tube And Uber

As part of your tour in London for the weekend, you can include in your bucket list to ride and use The Tubes in London. This is a subway or an underground train system that will take you to different key point areas in the city. Tube stations, are often where the famous landmarks and popular tourist destination is located. This is perhaps the most common transportation in London. So never leave London without riding one.

And during rush hours, to evade long lines for taxi cabs and busses, you can book your trip using grab. This way you can avoid waiting in long lines.


Use Google Maps

Organize the list you prepared according to the location on your trip to London for the weekend. You can use Google Maps, WAZE, or other digital mapping app that can provide an actual street view of places you need to visit, suggest shortest path way, alarm incoming heavy traffic, and even provide schedule (with day and time) of streets that are commonly traffic is slow moving. Here’s a great guide on how to use Google Maps when traveling.

This way, you can elude being stock and unproductive during your London tour. You can also maximize visiting a lot of places because you may be able to schedule places to visit those that are in the same area.


And now, you are ready for your trip to London. Enjoy the weekend!


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