First Trip To London: Cheat Sheet For London Vacation

London is well known to travelers from the whole world. The iconic sights and famous landmarks are just some things that will overwhelm and excite tourists. This sheet will discuss four different things to do in London based on your interests. We will give full information on how you will travel to London right from the airport, the best places to visit, the places to stay and how to maneuver around once you are there. This is great for things planning to travel to London for first time.


What To Do And See In London

Art, Theatre, And Architecture

Begin the tour when visiting for the first time in London by checking out the St. Paul’s Cathedral and admire the architecture of this Anglican Church. You can later go to either have a crypt view or climb 528 domes for spectacular views on the panoramic London. As you go to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Tate Modern take some time and cross the Millenium Bridge. This is a great place to view the watch boat traffic on River Thames

Tate Modern has been recently expanded and has several collections of modern art which are permanent like art by Jackson Pollock and Henri Matisse. Apart from this, there are also temporally exhibitions, and you will love them for sure. There are also some gorgeous views at St. Paul’s Cathedral and daily free guided tours.

The Globe Theater that is nearby is a replica of the original Shakespeare which was burned many years ago by fire. The fire started when the thatched roof got burned during the Henry VIII production. Use the London pass during the day trip to the theater so that they can explain the history of the theater better. There are performances in the Globe in the evenings during the fall, summer and the spring seasons. Your night will be made amazing by the open air theater ambiance and be great for those first timers in London.


History Foodies And Buffs

One place you must go when in London for the first time is the Tower of London. Some things you will love to see here is the informative Beefeaters, resident black crows, dark past, and ominous and thick walls. The Tower Bridge next to the Tower and the Tower itself acts as a link to the past. This is the time when Queens and the Kings sent the prisoners to reflect on their choices as they waited to be executed.

At this tower of London is where prisoners who were less famous were hung Anne Boleyn was also executed in this Tower by Henry the VIII’s who was an executioner. The traditions of this Tower have continued daily for hundreds of years. Ensure to take a trip to this tower with a Beefeater guide, and they will comically and gladly share their wide knowledge about the Tower with you.

Once you have visited the tower in the morning head to Borough Market to take your lunch. The lanes of this market are lined with grocers and food every food item that you can imagine during your first time London visit. It has a variety of foods from the whole globe. The cuisines range from huge skillets of paella to Indian foods that have been properly spiced and famous falafel. It is the best place you can go when on an empty stomach. Most of the surrounding streets and the upstairs levels are filled with cafes and restaurants making the Southwark neighborhood the best place to enjoy foods.


Shopping, Landmarks, And Artifacts

Your trip to London for the first time will not be complete without visiting the British Museum. The displayed artifacts and the art are open to the public for free every day starting from 10.00 am. Some of the most interesting sights include sculptures from Parthenon, Rosetta Stone and massive collection of Egypt mummies included.

You can buy the tickets for special exhibitions at the museums or online. The Sunken Cities exhibition is among the most fantastic exhibitions you will see in case you get lucky.

Once you are out of the museum, go to the Oxford Street and Soho for some shopper paradise or walk around the Convent Garden. In Oxford Street and Soho, you will find numerous markets, boutiques, and chain stores to do shopping.

Later have your way to London’s theater District and Leicester Square. It will be enjoyable to explore the passageways and the streets in this place. Consider going to see a play or a musical later. If you happen to fall for this plan, go to TKTS booth in the square and buy the ticket at a discounted price.

Trafalgar Square should be the place to finalize your walk for London first timers. These London crossroads are iconic, and they feature street performers, museums, historic buildings, and monuments. There are several activities here and a classic place to take photos in London and its

If you are fortunate to have more time, then ensure you visit the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. This gallery has several popular paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Cezanne, Rembrandt, Monet, and Vermeer. The best thing about it is that the visit here is free.


High Tea And Royalty

Take some time in the morning and take a tube to capture iconic photographs of the Big Ben. Go on to the Westminster Abbey nearby which will be open to tourists every day from money to Saturday from 9.30 in the morning. Get entertained by Abbey’s gorgeous choir and architecture room. This is also the place where dignitaries, queens, and kings go to rest. Spend time learning about the places’ history and viewing the monuments in their honor.

You can later on the go to the Buckingham Palace where the changing of the Guards is and is a must for those visiting London for the first time. This ceremony is all fanfare and pomp. The Guard of the queen who is outside will be watching for hours until when the new guard comes and takes the grand style from the other. You will then see a see a mounted cavalry with a brigade of guards matching been led by a band marching through the palace gates and in the mall.

It will be prudent to have a choice of the place you prefer since it is usually very crowded for one to move from one place to another. Prepare yourself to get there an hour earlier than the given time for you to get a place along the Buckingham Palace fence.

Pro Tip: ensure that the ceremony will be held on the day you plan on visiting by checking the schedule of Changing of the Guards.

Once the ceremony is over, walk around the Hyde Park and keep taking the royal juices from the straw. The Hyde Park is among the Royal Parks and one of the biggest in London. Relish yourself with the lake, gardens, fountains, bridges, and monuments here.

Head to Dorchester Hotel later and have the afternoon tea there. This place is luxurious and a good way to finish your experience after sending time as a royal. Have some tea, sweets, scones with clotted cream, and finger sandwiches and this will be the end of your outing in London.


Food Experiences In London

Apart from the Borough Market, there are other awesome places you can have outstanding food experiences for first timers in London. These are some of the classic food experiences you should have during your visit in London.

  • Go to Pieminster at Gabriel’s Wharf and have some British Pies
  • Visit Dishoom for the best Indian Foods
  • Fish and Chips
  • Have tea and scones with jam and cream during the afternoons.


Where To Stay In London

Different districts and neighborhoods in London have different flavors and charms. One crucial thing you need to consider when getting an Airbnb or hotel in London id to get somewhere you will access the Tube without any problem.

Check Hotel Hustle if you have hotel points. They have a loyalty program, and they will tell you their availability and the number of points you need.

  1. The Sumner Hotel – This hotel near Hyde Park and Marble Arch is a mid-priced and quaint townhouse. The staffs here are super attentive, and the rooms are quite comfortable.
  2. Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel – This fantastic hotel is located near Dishoom Indian restaurant, pubs, West End’s Theatre district and the Covent Garden. It is well known for its classic and modern boutique-styled rooms.
  3. The May Fair Hotel – Find this awesome hotel in quieter Mayfair neighborhood. It will only take you some few minutes from this upscale hotel to Buckingham Palace and the Green Park Tube station.
  4. Holiday Inn Express London-Southwark – The hotel is near the Tube station, and you will only walk for ten minutes to get to the Globe Theatre and Borough Market.

Get more fantastic hotels in London at and TripAdvisor.


How To Get Around London

One of the most secure and simplest ways to navigate in London for first timers is through the London’s Tube. The announcements here are quite clear, and tourists will find all they need in the places they visit. The traffic in London is quite heavy, and the taxis here are costly. The best way to save your patience, time and money is to go underground. If you are staying for a few days in the Tube, then it is advisable to get an Oyster Card which will make it easy for refills and use in the tube. This card will be very useful for you especially if you are touring London for the first time. If you find it helpful, you can add the Oyster Card to London Pass which will help you save when making purchases.

Pedestrians are not left out, but they will love it as they walk along the London Thames. The riverwalk is made of a clear path and many bridges that help pedestrians to cross to the other side of the river.


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