15 Things To Do, See And Eat In London- 2018/2019 Edition

England is such a lovely place! The reign of monarch and the history that includes with it is such an amazing story to tell. The city of London is one of the main areas where iconic landmarks and gorgeous architecture are located.

The announcement of marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has recently put London and the British royalty in spotlight once again, after the royal wedding of elder brother Prince William to Kate Middleton on May 2011.

Because of the wedding pronouncement by the younger British Prince, it has gained a lot of curiosity for tourists to visit London once again. We prepared 15 things you need to see, do and eat in London that will surely complete your London bucket list.


15 Things To Do, See And Eat In London

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral In London

The St. Paul’s Cathedral, is among the highest dome ever built around the world. The church was used to be a Catholic origin but due to British monarch change in religion, became an Anglican Church in reference to its Church of England denomination. The cathedral shows off the eloquence in architecture of the old England ruling. This is one of the main things to see in London


Fun Ride On The London Eye

At the height of 135 meters, and was used to be the tallest Ferris wheel all over the world in 2000, would be one of the best things to do in London. The ride on the towering wheel is quite a romantic and a refreshing feeling being able to see the whole London City slowly appear as the wheel spins you on top of the London Eye. The gigantic ride is located at the South Bank of the River Thames.


Enjoy A Drink At An Authentic London Pub

London is famous for its unique and British bar. Locally they call it pubs. Pubs in the city provide various alcoholic drinks, beers, rum, wines and all sorts or party beverages. British people have the longest and strongest tolerance with drinks that have alcohol contents. This is because most locals in London often go to pubs as to unwind from stressful work or just celebrate. Check the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, The Mayflower Pub, and a lot more! These are some of the best places to drink in London.


Feel The Royal Ambiance Of The Buckingham Palace

One of the highlight of your trip in London is the tour in Buckingham Palace. The place is such iconic that it should be the number 1 in you must see places in London.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of Monarch of United Kingdom. You can enjoy strolling around the garden and park of the castle. Tourist can get the chance to get inside the palace during summer and walk around the over-the-top rooms, and valuable royalty treasures.


Picnic At The Royal Parks

Enjoy a simple snack or lunch at one of the four Royal Parks in London City. This is a really fun thing to do in London. The city has four major Royal Parks: Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, and Green Park. Usually, people gather around Hyde Park to have picnic together because of its cozy and laid back feature. The place is surrounded with shades form towering trees and well mowed grasses.


Take Pictures Of The London Bridge And Tower

London has a lot of famous bridges. This is because of the number of rivers and also the length of the iconic River Thames. The bridges are built to connect major roads together, and years back; this bridges are used a territorial defense and markings.

Your trip to London is not complete if you are unable to take a glimpse and take picture of the iconic London Tower, holding up the London Bridge (and infamous, well, because of the London Bridge Children’s rhyme).


Visit St. George Chapel

Before even the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in two months, May 19; you can head start your way in paying a visit to what the most would possibly talked about landmark.

You can avoid the crowd of tourist who are curious to take pictures of what would, again, become an iconic place because of the wedding of the younger prince to an American actress. St. George Chapel Castle is located in Windsor near west of Greater London.


Shop Till You Drop At Covent Garden

For weekend shopping warriors, you can spend more time window shopping or actually purchase all the nice and fancy things you want at the Covent Garden. There are also occasional bazaar showcase branded, signature items, and also affordable ones.

The Covent Garden is a popular mall area where various bars, boutiques, restaurants, shops, others stores line up. The busy market building area also shows performances form entertainers on the streets of mall’s Piazza.


Visit Natural History Museum

With a grand architectural design of the Natural History Museum, the outside structure is quite breathtaking already. Wait till you are able to enter the museum as it’s one of the best things to see in London. It is perhaps, has one of the best selection and display of natural segments, specimens, and other collections.


Challenge Yourself With An Amazing Race Like Trail

If you wanted a quirky and an unusual way spend weekend at London, you can join the ClueQuest challenge tagged as “The Live Escape Game”. This is an hour challenge for a team that provides fun games and puzzles to unlock and accomplish in order to move to the next round and is a very fun thing to do in London. Book ahead at ClueQuest to register your team.


Try Out British Tea Shops

London is a city famous for eloquence and fancy things. British tea party has become part of upper society in the past. Now, there are a lot of tea and coffee shops in London that provides chic tea houses and aromatic drinks.

Try visiting Yumchaa and Soho The Tea House, Postcard Teas Ltd, and Tea and Tattle; are just few of the best tea shops in the city. you can even purchase your own tea concoctions at the Fortnum and Mason.


Become Part Of A Movie On A Special Cinema

It would be quite a unique and unusual experience to watch a movie and become one of the actors. But it is not easy to become part of it. Some movie enthusiasts in London require membership in order to participate in a special cinema access, like Whirled Cinema at Loughborough Junction. Or you can try out Backyard Cinema or Stockwell Secret Cinema with nice story book details.


Treat Yourself For A Fancy Dining Experience

There is no denying that most of fancy stuff are to be found in London City. This is because the city was used to be reigned by one of the riches monarch royal in the world. You can try out different restaurants all around the city of London to sample the classy and high end dining experience. You may visit restaurants like Silverspoon London, which the name itself already showing opulence. Or you may also try Gordon Ramsay’s delicious and close to perfection food choices! All of these options are great places to eat in London.


Relive Prince Harry And Kate Middleton’s Wedding At The Westminster Abbey Museum

The museum is located at the heart of the London City. There are famous paintings, sculptures, and other iconic art works exhibited in the museum.


Watch Movies At Trafalgar Square

London has a lot of quite unique weekend activity gimmick. One of which is an outdoor cinema. A huge screen at various parks in London such as Trafalgar Square, Somerset House, and Rose Garden shows.


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