5 Best Things To Do In El Salvador

El Salvador is South America’s smallest and most densely populated country with a population of over six million people. Nestled between Honduras and Guatemala on the Pacific coast, it is the only Central American country without a Caribbean coastline. There’s lots of great things to do in El Salvador. El Salvador may not be on the many travelers’ wish list with its reputation for violence and gangs, but this is not a true reflection of this beautiful country which is actually very safe, friendly and packed with fun things to do. Have a look at the top five things to do in El Salvador.


Best Things To Do In El Salvador

San Salvador

The capital city of El Salvador, and also its biggest, San Salvador is situated in a valley near the base of the active San Salvador volcano. It is a modern city with loads to see and do including museums, outdoor markets, a lively nightlife, restaurants, shopping and cultural events. Some of the top attractions include the colorful Cathedral Metopolitana de San Salvador, the Jardin Botánico La Laguna and El Boqueron National Park at the top of the San Salvador volcano. Here you’ll find the places to eat in El Salvador.


Playa El Tunco

Playa El Tunco, about 30 minutes from the capital city of San Salvador, is a very popular spot for tourists and surfers alike. El Tunco is a small beach village on the rocky Pacific coast which offers accommodation, bars, good restaurants, surfing and partying at the weekends. This is the best thing to do in El Salvador.



In central El Salvador lies the historical town of Suchitoto. With its colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, you’ll feel as though you have stepped back in time when you visit Suchitoto. Here you’ll find some of the best places to drink in El Salvador. There’s plenty to see and do here with restaurants and lively bars, museums and art galleries and also the nearby manmade lake, Suchitlán. With its central location, Suchitoto is a great base from which you can explore rural El Salvador from.


Parque Nacional Cerro Verde

With over 20 volcanoes in El Salvador, two of which remain active, the country is nicknamed “The Land of the Volcanoes”. In the Parque Nacional Cerro Verde you can enjoy stunning views of the Santa Ana and Izalco volcanoes. This is one of the best things to see in El Salvador. To the south of the national park you can visit the pretty villages of the Ruta de las Flores and hike in the nearby volcanic mountain range.


Punta Roca

In the port city of La Libertad lies the surfing resort, Punta Roca, which has some of the best surfing spots in the world. With miles of pristine beaches, a boardwalk, restaurants, local shops and crafts, a trip here is well worth a visit. This is one of the top places to visit in El Salvador.


A Few El Salvador Tidbits:

  • The winter in El Salvador, May to October, is also the country’s rainy season.
  • Since 2001 the United States dollar has been El Salvador’s official currency.
  • Out of all the Central American countries, it’s the only that doesn’t have a Caribbean coast line.
  • San Salvador is home to the biggest shopping center in Central America.
  • Joya de Cerén, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in El Salvador, is known as the “Pompeii of the Americas. Here the remains of pre-Historic village have been preserved by in the ash of a volcanic eruption in the 7th century A.D. and offer an insight into the Mayan way of life.


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