10 Best Things To Do In Quito, Ecuador

The capital city, which is the Quito City in Ecuador generally, peaks above as high as more than 9,300 feet in latitude. Consider a cold breezy air blows between your ears as the city takes you to a memorable tour of its peak and the impressive architectural structure. In this beautiful city there’s so many great things to do in Quito.

Ecuador has its oldest community advancement and culture because of Inca civilization thousands of years go. And having been able to establish an early civilization ages ago (even before the other country have organized its own government), Quito City also was able to adopt other cultures and lifestyles as colonizers from Andalusia, Amerindian, Castilian, Indian, and Lebanon race. It is a perfect mixture of blood race and its traditions with lots of the best things to do in Quito Ecuador.

With the diverse cultural heritage Quito City has to offer, both natural scenery and human made structure together with its acquired traditions from different civilizations have boosted the metro’s tourism industry. It is like going to a place where you can actually get both nature adventure trip and learning history of ancient people in one. We listed down 10 best activities you can do in Quito Ecuador, out of the hundreds of wonderful things you can try.


The 10 Best Things To Do In Quito City

Experience A Personal Historic Record To Stand In The Middle Of The Equator!

Just few minute away from the downtown area of the city, you can take a bus or hitch on travel transportation agency to achieve your own personal record. This is the best thing to do in Quito. You can document your visit to the exact spot where the equator line is located at the Mitad del Mundo monument and museum. Make your visit to the center of the center hemisphere of the earth official by requesting for your passport to be stamped upon reaching the monumental personal record. By getting an official stamp, you make your photos and videos of the visit legit. Few blocks away, there is a museum where you can join organized day trip tours around the museum.


Take A Picture/Video Of The Famous Changing Guards At Plaza Grande

You must schedule your trip to Quito on the day that will fall on Mondays so that you will be able to witness the well-rehearsed ceremony at the Quito Presidential Palace grounds. The changing of guards ceremony is exactly held at the Plaza Grande where joined by formal marching and presentation of horses, and band. This is a great thing to see in Quito. You might even be lucky to see from afar the president of Ecuador attends the ceremony from the presidential palace balcony.


Stroll Along The Bricked Stone Roads Of Calle De La Ronda

An array of food carts, stores, restaurants, shops, boutiques, and souvenir stalls are situated along the Calle de La Ronda in Quito La Ronda. “Calle” is a Spanish word that literally means street. The place is a perfect place to take a walk and check out artisan and local products you can buy which you can bring home a piece of Ecuador with you. The street of Calle de La Ronda seems like an ancient paved fusion of Mexican, Spanish and Indian ambiance. This is a great place to eat in Quito.

A lot of tourist gathered around here because of the authentic Ecuadorian souvenirs and less expensive local food offerings. Make sure to be way of pickpockets because the crown attracts a lot of thieve and snatchers.


Shop! Shop! Shop!

If you cannot get enough of shopping spree at the Calle de la Ronda, you can go strait the next to Quito Market. There are a wide variety of local and native products you can purchase here. Prices are also a bit cheaper compared to stores in Calle La Quito. You just need some extra bargaining skills and a little Spanish. A few steps away, you can explore the the Mercado Central where there are also shop and stores lined-up. You can also taste different spicy Ecuadorian foods as well. This is a great place to go shopping in Quito.


Take An Adventure Trip To The Outskirts Of Quito

There are a lot of things that you can do in Quito Ecuador. With the humid warm temperature that is almost evident the whole year round, you can basically do almost all kinds of outdoor activities that you can think of. You can go on back packing, hop on to next bust to join crews of people who will explore Galapagos or amazon. Or, you can conveniently visit different travel and adventure based agencies to guide you and provide you all your adventure needs. This is one of the best things to do in Quito.

You should not miss visiting the natures pride jungle in Mindo Rainforest. There are eco-friendly activities like ATV rides, rock and mountain climbing, hiking, river rides, and a lot more! There are also few conservation areas where you can also explore wildlife tour like the Cotapaxi National Park.


Walk Around The Historic Downtown Of Quito City

One thing that we often advise all tourists are never miss to visit UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site if there are any in the country you visit. It is a chance that you should not miss. One should take time to explore the wonderful story behind the old district in Quito where the Spanish colonial civilization is still evident. This is one of the best things to see in Quito.

The building structures, streets, shops and others establishments there will remind and make you feel the old conquistadors’ lifestyle.


Explore Different Grand Churches Around Quito

Ecuador has a lot of amazing nature, and stunning historical places. Quito City is the capital of Ecuador which has a rich historical background.

With governance and colonization of Spanish monarch after the Inca civilization the Catholic Church was able to build cathedrals as part of their mission spread their religion.

You can visit the Plaza Grande, which speaks loudly of the old Spanish city. You can also drop by quickly to check out the La Compania de Jesus, luxurious church where all liberally covered with gold etchings, and carvings designs. The extravagant bright golden color is also a contribution of Moorish influence. However, in spite of the amazing lavish interior design of the church, taking of photos and video inside the church is strictly prohibited.

At the old center town, there is another church there that tourists can visit. The Basilica del Voto Nacional built on top of a small mountain hill. Church visitors are able to hike few meters away to reach the top of the sloping hill.

Yes, the Catholic faith spans the whole Ecuador, especially in Quito City. You can visit another church, the old Roman Catholic San Francisco Church, which was built on early years of 1th century. Aside from where the Virgin of Quito is housed, the church also displays different artwork created and designed by students and scholar of Quito School of Arts. Around the corner, the old town’s Plaza is also located. Basically, everywhere you look and go in Quito is all a beauty of culture and tradition of the past.


Glide Through The High Rising Cable Cars On Top Of The Mountain

With probably one of the highest cable car ride from one mountain to another, the Quito cable car hangs around 12,000 feet up from the ground in Teleferiqo. Crossing the two towering mountains using the cable cars would give you a good view of the whole Quito City, the heritage old town, modern establishments, volcanoes, and other forests. There are available taxi on top, so you would not have to worry about the still slopes when going up. This is a fun thing to do in Quito.

The top of the mountains also are cafes, shops and small food booths that sells different souvenir and serves delicious refreshments. It is worth the climb. Although Ecuador is a warm tropical place, the top of the mountain is a bit cold and sometimes freezing. Something you will look forward to, after a long like and climb on top.


Climb Quito El Panecillo To See The Statue Of Virgin Mary

Another manifestation of the rich religious belief and tradition of the locals at Quito is the large winged statue of the Virgin Mary located at the El Panecillo. Basically, the humongous statue of the blessed Mary is somewhat towering symbol of Quito City, like Paris’ Eifel or New York’s Statue of Liberty.


Enjoy A Night Walk At La Mariscal

Reading through top 1 to 9 things to do in Quito seems like a cliché tourist activity, but contrary to its almost torn antique scenery, the town turns into a bright colorful and active night. Imagine a city having the best of both worlds – timid like rustic scenery in the morning and when the night comes, it turns to a lively nightlife. There is night market, mini concerts and a lot of restaurants are open for everyone! La Mariscal is often popular for tourists because there are a lot of hotels and restaurants that lines up the whole street. This is a great thing to do in Quito, Ecuador.


We also listed down few things to remember when you are in Quito, Ecuador:

  • Quito is a safe place for both locals’ tourists but make sure to be aware of pickpockets and scammers. It is quite common for all tourist destinations around the world. Where there are crowd of tourists, pickpockets are also there. Make sure to be discreet when using your phones and other valuable sin public not to attract thieves.
  • Be wary of fake taxi scheme. Legitimate taxi in Quito are issued with orange and yellow license plates and displays the official transporte seguro” To be sure, let the taxi hotel contact a taxi for you. And always request for cab drivers to turn on taxi meter, do entertain transportation fee arrangements unless you fully understand what the driver is saying. Make sure you are able to negotiate a final agreement with taxi drivers before leaving. Often times, even legitimate taxi cabs charge tourists over-priced charges.
  • Ecuador is generally warm to pack light, but also bring sweater or shawl because unpredictable rain showers is common in the country. Of course, wear comfortable footwear.



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