Copenhagen Layover Guide: Kastrup (CPN) Airport

If ever you get stuck at Copenhagen during any of your travels, fret not because there are surely better things to make your trip worth remembering. The Copenhagen Airport (CPN) is considered as an important hub for the other airline companies in the region of Scandinavia. It is where most of the international flights usually take a stop because of its strategic location.


Layover In Copenhagen

In case you arrive late in the evening and would like to put your mind and body to rest, then you could stay at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport. This is where most passengers on layover take their rest because of the convenient location. You could also check out other hotels and apartments in the Copenhagen area.

The airport has locker facilities to accommodate passengers who would like to leave their bags for at most 3 days or 72 hours. You could go directly to Car Park 4 to find the lockers. But if you plan to leave your things for longer periods up to a month, then head on to the Arcade which is located between Terminal 2 and Terminal. Just drop off your things at the Left Luggage Section.

Taxis can easily be hired at the exit of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. But if you would like an alternative mode of transportation, then you could just ride the Metro which can be found at Terminal 3. You could get from the Nørreport Station to the Copenhagen Airport in 15 min.


Tours To Take During Copenhagen Layover

There are wonderful adventures and beautiful sites in the Copenhagen area. That’s why most tourists would rather take delight in the information that there could possibly be a layover at Copenhagen. You could hire tour guides who speak different languages in order to make the tours hassle-free. Pick among the different tour options for a more memorable layover.


The Tivoli Gardens Tour

Would you like to visit a beautiful yet historically significant place that even breaks world records? Then you have to make sure that you visit the Tivoli Gardens during your layover in Copenhagen. The Tivoli Gardens is considered the oldest amusement park in the entire globe. You will surely be amazed at how they were able to preserve the wooden roller coaster that surely gave much fun to its guests in the years past. Listen to country music as bands happily perform in front of you. Enjoy the warmth of local people as they serve the best coffees and pastries. Take time to smell the flowers and appreciate the fireworks while seated along the grounds near the lake.


The Rosenborg Castle Tour

Denmark is truly rich in historical wonders and cultural legacies. When you get on a layover in Copenhagen, never miss the chance to see the Rosenborg Castle. This site holds some of the most precious gems in the country’s cultural arena. It is home to the Danish Crown Regalia and the Crown Jewels. It also houses other stunning artifacts from more than three centuries past. Coming to this site will surely enrich your historical knowledge and make your love for Denmark even deeper.


The Norrebro Tour

Layovers would seem to be incomplete without shopping. The boutiques located in Norrebro are perfect spots for those who are after some of the best local products and designer items. You will also surely love to hang out in any of the cafés and restaurants because of the variety on their menus and the interesting nature of the local people. If you are lucky to be arriving during summer, you will also adore the cool presence of the flea market vendors in the area.


The Little Mermaid Tour

The Little Mermaid is among the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen. You could find the statue of the legendary Little Mermaid at the Copenhagen Harbor which is located in the Churchill Park. The statue serves as a rightful recognition of the literary contribution of Hans Christian Andersen.


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