Best Things To Do At Tivoli Gardens–Unlimited Rides

What comes into your mind when you hear the word Copenhagen? Surely, amusement parks wouldn’t miss your tongues. The charming and stunning city is very popular across the globe for having a beautifully structured amusement park where relaxation, fun, and excitement all merge together at Tivoli Gardens.

Personally, I love to keep coming back to Copenhagen. My favorite season of travel in this place is during the summer because it is the perfect time for touring the Tivoli Gardens best things to do. I have gone here a couple of times with my family and friends. Every single time that I set foot on this place, my eyes just won’t stop glimmering from joy and my heart won’t stop from stomping because of glee.

The Tivoli Gardens started its operations in 1843. Since the middle part of the 19th Century, hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced the thrilling rides, the entertaining production numbers, and the educational shows. A lot of couples have also used the fabulous gardens as the backdrop for their proclamations of love and utterances of future hopes. Below we have a guide on best things to do at Tivoli Gardens.


Buying Tickets

Definitely, you must set your expectations straight at the beginning of your journey to Copenhagen. Almost everything in this city is relatively expensive when you compare it with other tourist destinations.

The best thing about Tivoli Gardens is that they offer different options for entrance. You could choose to get tickets that will give you unlimited rides or simply buy the cheaper ticket for a mere entry to the gardens. In order to get the maximum amount of fun from the amusement park, it is definitely advisable to pay the extra amount for you to enjoy as many rides as you can possibly get through. You can get an unlimited access to all theme park rides for around 33 USD or 220 DKK.

You must know that the Tivoli Gardens is not open all-year-round. Because some climates do not permit the safe enjoyment of the rides, then the management only opens the park from April to September. It also opens a few weeks before the Halloween and another few weeks during the Holidays.


The Rides

If you are after some thrill and breathtaking experiences, then you must not miss The Mine Ride and The Flying Trunk. Both rides will bring you to the world of the famous author, Hans Christian Andersen. It is also worth trying The Odin Express and The Monsoon Ride for some screaming and hilarious times.

But if you are traveling with younger kids who just want to feel the dreamy nature of the theme park, then you could have them ride the Ferris Wheel which will give you a sight of the beautiful Copenhagen. Then don’t miss out the classic Carousel ride for a perfect theme park experience of your children.


Time Management

To get the full excitement from trying out almost all rides and exploring the other features of the theme park, we suggest that you allow at least four hours for this place alone. You can actually just eat inside the theme park since there are a lot of stalls and dining options in the area. This is to make sure that you don’t waste time going to other places just to look for an area where you could eat.

It would also be good to plan your weekend nights at the Tivoli Gardens since the theme park management offers a stunning fireworks display during Saturday nights and some musical performances during Friday nights. To make planning a lot easier, you could simply check out the Tivoli app from your mobile phones and see the schedules for different shows and parades.



Remember, you are visiting the Tivoli Gardens to make memories at a theme park and definitely not a restaurant! If you are on for a gastronomic adventure, then the gardens are not the place for you. But still, Tivoli Gardens has numerous food stalls and restaurants where you could have a sip of refreshing drinks and a bite of filling delights. After all, you can to Tivoli Gardens to experience some fun and excitement from the theme park rides, right?

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