Prague Airport To Downtown Guide – Taxi And Bus

Have you been so interested in reaching Prague? Have you heard about the tales of its magnificence and the beauty of its history? Then you should never really miss traveling to this supremely impressive country.

Prague’s international airport is named Vaclav Havel Airport. It is located around 17 kilometers away from the northern part of the city center. You can reach Prague city center from airport by riding different modes of transportation such as a taxi and a bus.

When arriving at the Prague airport, you simply have to head on to the Arrivals area in order to check the possible means of transport going to the city center. It usually takes around 30 minutes to reach the city if there is no traffic buildup along the way for going from Prague airport to downtown.

There is one thing for certain when going to Prague from the airport. It is definitely easy to find your way to your destination because of the availability of public transport systems in the area.


Prague Airport To Downtown Guide

All About Prague Airport

You have to know that Prague actually serves as a global hub for different international and national air carriers such as the Czech Airlines, the Delta, the KLM, the Air France, and the Korean Air which are all under the Sky Team Alliance. Because of this, Prague Airport usually becomes very busy since most European airlines have scheduled daily flights from their member countries going to Prague. A lot of low-fare flights are also being conducted in this airport through various airlines such as the WizzAir, Jet2, and the easyJet.

You will also have to be aware of the number of terminals present at Prague’s airport. There are a total of 3 terminals comprising the city’s main airport. Terminal 1 is the destination for those who are getting to international flights. Most of the flights happening here are travels to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ireland. Terminal 2 is dedicated to flights within Schengen member countries. Terminal 3 is where private flights and chartered flights happen.

Annually, there is an estimated number of 10 million people who come and go to Prague Airport. Because of the glaring number of passengers using the airport, it has been recognized as one of the busiest airports in the continent. You may discover more about the flights at the Prague Airport by going to


  1. Taxi

Taxis all over the world seem to have their own fair share of issues and problems. Prague is among the countries that have also faced controversies because of its taxi operators that go from Prague airport to city center.

Still, there are remaining taxi companies that offer highly professional and reliable services to their passengers. Look out for AAA Radio Taxi because we consider this to be the best transport provider from the airport to the city center. Their taxi drivers and cabs can be found in all three terminals. You don’t have to be worried that your transportation cost would go beyond your budget because the fares are predetermined and properly regulated.

There is also no need to fret when it comes to language barrier because most of the hired drivers can speak the international language. Their services are truly convenient because you will easily see them upon exiting the airport doors. If you are wondering about the cost of the entire trip, we reckon that a single trip from the airport to the center of Prague would be pegged at around 550 Kc.


  1. Bus

If you do not have extra cash for your transportation, you could choose to go for a more affordable option – the bus when going from Prague airport to downtown. The buses in Prague offer comfortable means of going from the airport to the city. You will also be able to reach the metro line by riding a bus. Just head on to the Arrivals area of the airport and wait for buses to stop.

Even when you arrive early or late, there will surely be buses that offer their best services to every passenger. Before getting on a ride, please make sure that you have already purchased your own ticket. Most drivers do not sell tickets during the journey. You can also have another option of being transfer to the metro or another bus but for a higher rate.

  • Bus 119 is the favorite bus line of tourists. This is particularly because its route covers the airport towards the Dejvicka metro station. What’s great with riding Bus 119 is that you will easily get to the rail system of the city. Also, this bus makes stops to key destinations in the capital. It is truly ideal to ride this bus if you want to explore the busiest areas of Prague and experience the local’s life in these places.
  • Bus 100 goes from the airport to Zlicin. If you would like to reach the west part of Prague through the Metro Line B, then you have to take this bus. It usually takes around 18 minutes to travel this route.
  • Bus 179’s route includes a stop from the airport to the Nove Butovice. It also makes a stop at the Metro Yellow Line B. It takes around 45 minutes to travel this route.


You may also choose to ride the Airport Express Bus if you are headed towards HlavniNadrazi. The journey through the Airport Express Bus is around 35 minutes. It will bring you to the city’s main train station.


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