How To Travel To Cuba 2018/2019: The Best Guide

In the early 1930s to 1950s, there a lot of tourists, basically enjoy fascinating scenery of the country. Cuba, has become one of the best tourist destination because of it is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. With large contribution of Spanish, Latin – American culture in Cuba, and the perfectly natural flora and fauna of the land makes it the best place to visit. And up until now, Cuba has been and as always a heaven like place for a vacation. We’ll be explaining how to travel to Cuba in 2018.

But unfortunately because of political and domestic issues in the country, United States of America issued travel ban to Americans who wishes to visit Cuba. Generally, Cubans welcomes everyone who wanted to visit their lovely country. Because of the US law discouraging or warning their US residence to be careful when traveling to Cuba, a lot of misconception resulted to baseless fear to tourists. With this article we will answer your question: Is it safe for Americans to travel to Cuba?


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What is the update on the US law travel ban to Cuba?

President Obama’s Cuba –US Legacy 

On the year 2016, under President Barrack Obama administration; the US law travel restriction was modified. After being the first US President to visit the country, President Raul de Castro of Cuba, both agreed that Americans can travel Cuba for educational purposes only. Private individual vacations are still prohibited though. The educational tour should be properly monitored and restricted purely on nature and historical trips around the island. Definitely the island is not isolated but just under appreciated.


President Trump’s Cuba – US Open Policy

While President Donald Trump is bombarded with his unreasonable foreign policies, it was surprising how he has adjusted and loosened few of the strict travel limitations of Americans travelling to Cuba. Still under the leadership of Cuba – President Raul Castro, the two leaders agreed to somehow allow Americans freely spend educational, private vacations and business trips to Cuba as long as Americans would have to bear in mind not to support hotels, restaurants and any other business that has direct or indirect link with Cuban military. This is a fair agreement with the Cuban government with the possible increase country’s tourism industry.

However, Trump emphasize, American travellers must still be responsible enough to stay away from restricted places in Cuba. Majority of the places in Cuba is safe. Check out places that tourists must take extra care when visiting Cuba.

Who can resist the wonderful natural beauty of Cuba despite of heightened security doubts of the heaven – like island located in Caribbean Sea? Well, Cuba is definitely an island anyone should really see!

To add with the gorgeous land, beach, shoreline, mountains, and UNESCO certified reserved (although there are just few are still allowed to be visited by public); the country has rich history of Latin and American culture. Cuban areas like Chrysler DeSotos or Ford Farlaines, are all so classic looking old city which are covered with old stone streets and bricked walls.


Friendly Reminder for tourists in Cuba:

Due to political disagreement and vigilant uprising of few local citizens in Cuba, Americans are advised to adhere to policies and you should think about these when planning on how to travel to Cuba:

  • Limit travel to Cuba for reasons (only) for pure fun, educational, government approved business / transaction trips, and vacation.
  • Make sure to research well and know establishments and shops that are directly or indirectly related with Cuban military vigilantes. Refrain from patronizing products or services offered by them.
  • Take note of the monetary restrictions
  • Be mindful of local laws ad community guidelines
  • Note that not a lot of locals can speak English really well but most may be approachable
  • There are restricted areas in Cuba for
    • Tourists’ safety and security
    • Nature protected reserved


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Requirements in Traveling to Cuba

What so good about the US travel policy to Cuba, US citizens are not required to produce any travel licenses. But of course, generally one has to travel with purposes that should not cause harm to country host. If you’re wondering, is it safe for Americans to travel to Cuba, continue reading.

American travelers should only expected to visit Cuba for the reasons of visit of educational tour, family visit, legal and approved business trip, government to government activities, religious activities, journalistic purposes, academic purposes, invitational culture, educational, sports, etc. performances and workshops, humanitarian activities, and any activities which has nothing to do with any extremist activities, which may threaten safety of the country.

You may also be required to prepare itineraries of your activities in Cuba. Such us hotels you are will stay overnight, restaurants you might want to try or even you plan to spend the afternoon on a park or beach resort, must be indicated in your travel itinerary. This is important to have prepared when planning on how to travel to Cuba in 2018.


Permitted Currency and Payment Mode in Cuba

Payment and Purchase Options:

  • Cuba Currencies
    • Cuban Peso (CUP) – Local Currency
    • Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)
  • Prohibited to be brought out of Cuba
  • 10% fee will be charged on every currency exchange to local Cuban monetary, which is also available on airports, hotels and money exchange services shops)


Accommodations in Cuba

Transient Homes and Guesthouses

  • AirBnB
  • Local guesthouses are available for rent


Casa, and Hotels

You can book online through



Transportation Options to Cuba

Fly through Air Plane

Airplane ticket going to back to Cuba and USA is generally cheap. This is because the lifting of the travel ban by US to Cuba was just imposed recently. So as expected, there is still low turnout of American travellers going to Cuba. Almost American Airlines like American, Delta, JetBlue, among others have regular trips to Cuba. You can book directly on the airline’s website or visit for convenience.


Sail through Ship

If you want a more adventurous trip to Cuba, you can travel through a cruise ship.


Carnival Corporation

The company provided both cruise ship and ferry to different islands and countries across America and Europe. However, the company has just recently allowed its ship to travel to Cuba, after Trump has loosened travel restriction to the country.


Celestyal Cruises

This is a European – based shipping and Cruise Company. The company is able to provide travel schedule as often as it can.


Cruises Only

It is or may be one of largest cruise Ship Company in United States of America. The company provides frequent cruise to Cuba and any part of the world.


Tour and Travel Companies in Cuba

For easier travel and sightseeing tour around the island, you might also want to try to hire services from these Cuban travel companies like Cuba Explorer, Globus, and Insight Cuba.


Hopefully your questions on how to travel to Cuba in 2018 and Is it safe for Americans to travel to Cuba have been answered with the information that we have provided above.

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