Cuba Backpacking: Myths That Aren’t True For Traveling There

Cuba is a tropical country where is composed of one major land area and a number of archipelagos. The country is just across the Caribbean Sea, which is popular as one of tourist destination in the world. Cuban culture is comprised mostly of Spanish decent so it is rich with dancing food flavors, Spanish architecture and music. But those traveling have heard about a lot of myths that scare people off for backpacking Cuba.

With the diversity and evolving taste of travelers, Cuba is now becoming a favorite tourist destination of backpackers, and picky travelers. The nature and the Cuban architecture are perfect combination for vacationer to spawn the land. However due to political and controversial rising of guerillas, difficulty to reach the country, and the expensive accommodation in Cuba has pose a discouragement for tourist to set foot in Cuba, despite of being a beautiful place the majority of these myths of Cuba are not true about Cuba backpacking.

Let us summarize and analyze the myths about traveling to Cuba. We have listed down the 5 commonly asked questions that might help you not miss the opportunity to visit such lovely country!


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5 Debunked Myths About Cuba


Dangerous To Travel Cuba

The most dreaded and controversial question about the Cuba myth: Is it really safe to travel Cuba? The political chaos in Cuba had given the country a bad name. But that is only a thing in the past. Cuba now is safe and secured. Like any other parts of tourist destination around the world, we are always guided and warned to be wise in dealing with other people whom we do not really know, vigilant with our things, follow local rules, beware of unauthorized areas. For seasoned travelers, all of this should be done with high regards, and expect a safe and enjoyable vacation and don’t think about this myth of Cuba being true.

The Latin American country has safer streets now, lesser crimes, and the government has already marked areas warning tourists and locals to stay away from when backpacking Cuba.


Difficulties In Transportation In Cuba

It is really easy to travel in Cuba. There are several modes of transportation in the country. Taxis and public buses are always available and are really easy to access. Fare is also incredibly cheap for Cuba backpacking. Although, because of the increasing number of tourists and also locals living in Havana area, during peak travel hours public transportation are always full and you have to be clever and patient enough to get through the crowd just to get into the next bus. Otherwise all are smooth and this Cuba myth is false.


Cuban Vacation Getaways Is Expensive

This idea is wrong again got backpacking Cuba! Although the grand and classy Spanish architecture towering all the rest of Cuba, and beautiful scenic nature view of the country; this does not mean everything in Cuba is expensive. Travelers have options to spend a night to an expensive accommodation and dine in high end restaurants; but there are doable options of going there as a backpacker and can check in to transient houses and affordable inns.

It is all in the budget, preparations, scheduling, and patience in looking around for best prices. Makes sure to travel in broken down local money (not to attract tourists hustlers and scammers), schedule and research places you need to travel and stay first, and be patient to ask around for affordable prices. The key is to enjoy every moment in Cuba, share some good times with the locals. Eat local cheaper Cuban street foods, and hang out to local inexpensive but enjoyable places.


Complicated To Obtain Local Currency

Since the country have opened doors for tourists, whether elite travelers or back packers; Cuba also have added money changing stations and shops to accommodate conversions of foreign monitories to local currency. Just make sure to be updated of the currently allowable maximum amount of money you need to bring with you. Otherwise, it is also safe to bring your credit and cash cards if in case you need extra additional pocket money to spend while backpacking Cuba.


Difficulty To Get An Entry To Cuba

A few years back, Cuban government intentionally has stricter rules and lesser number of foreigners that are being allowed to be issued with travel pass. This is for the preservation of their culture, intense safety precaution because of ongoing political issue, limited trade from other countries, and unstable economy.

But of course things have changed by now. Cuba has newly agreed with US and other countries an easier trading activities and adjusting to more reasons to allow tourists in the country. Now, Cuba visitors are not only limited for journalists and professional researchers but also for personal travel and take a vacation as well.

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