Cava Beach, Copacabana And FKK Beach In Dubrovnik – Naturist Beaches

Beach Cava Naturist

Cava beach is situated near the beach of Copacabana almost in the same location. It is said to be stone sloped beach and a somehow an isolated pebble. You will have a fantastic view of Dubrovnik Bridge and Elafiti Islands from this beach. It has a length of 300 meters from one end to the other and a width of 10 meters which is quite narrow.

Get a bus number 6 at Pile Gate when traveling from Dubrovnik to Dubrava. You are supposed to get from the bus at the final station which is at Hotel President. Go in front of the hotel and turn on the left side and go through the road which will take you to Copacabana Beach and Cava Beach.

This path will take you down the hill. Walk around one hundred meters and when you come where the Low wall ends, turn left on the doubling back path going on the downside of the cliff and go right to the sea. You can see the sea down the cliff when you look closely over the wall just before you take the path.

When you pass through the steepish path, you will come out at the end of the beach. If you are a mobile person, then you should be able to reason how these paths connect to one another. You can also get to the path below the beach from the Copacabana Beach.

The very first section of the beach is mostly topless and textile, and this will take around 100m of the beach and later cross to the rocky outcrop which is quite small. The rest of the beach is nearly naturist.

Even though this is a stony beach, you will find some cleared flatlands and various low walls that have been made to shelter the visitors when the weather is windy. Use a camping mattress or some thick towels for protection and comfort. The far end of the beach will be sunniest during the afternoon since it faces on the North West side.

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