Buza Beach Dubrovnik Wall Secret Passage

Have you ever had a trip to Dubrovnik? If yes you can agree with me that Buza Beach is one of the most impressive spots for sunbathing and swimming. This place is entirely conventional, and it is situated close to the vast Town Walls southern edges. From here you will have a remarkable view of Adriatic and Lokrum Island. It is a rocky beach, and it features a lot of concrete verandas where you can jump in the sea and enjoy sunbathing.

There is a little fantastic café bar quite popular by Dubrovnik tourists on the beach where you can have some refreshments. The best time to have an incredible view of Buza is during sunset with the red and orange horizon. Buza beach is the ideal place where you should go for swimming and sightseeing on a single day. This is because the beach is located in the middle of the Old Town.

Buza is a Dubrovnik name meaning the hole. It is named this since you can only access the beach the hole on the walls of the town and then head to the cliffs. It is crucial to note that disabled people are not allowed to go to Buža.



How To Get To Buža Beach

  • From Old Town– Just like we said the beach is located in the middle of old town. You will, therefore, take a walk to Gundulic Square from Stradun, take the Jesuit Stairs and go left to Ulica Ispod Mira Street. You will find the Buža entrance after walking for around 50 meters.
  • From Babin Kuk/ Lapad / Boninovo– You head to pile by taking the bus number 6 or number 4. Go to Stradun which is close to Onofrio’s Fountain and take a right turn to the street of Ulica od Puca. You can then take the Jesuit Stairs, and within approximately two minutes you will be at the entrance.
  • From Gruž– if you happen to be coming from Griuz then you can take the bus mummer 1 to Old town and Pile Gate. From there you can just walk to Buza just like we explained above.


Type Of Beach

We can describe this as a beach with large concrete slabs and huge rocks. It is therefore recommended for snorkeling, fun, view and jumping in the sea. Young children are advised not to go to the beach.

Tip: Buža can at times be windy due to the Šiloko and Maestral winds thus it is advisable to swim in the morning during the summer season before the winds begin. The sea is calm during this time, and you will really enjoy swimming. These winds in most cases come during the afternoons making the sea wavy and rough, and you may not enjoy the swimming as much.

The other awesome spot you can go for swimming which is much like Buza is close to the Porporela pier vicinity. This spot is well known by the locals.


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