10 Most Beautiful Places In Croatia That You Must Visit

Croatia remains to be included in the widely visited places across Europe particularly because of its inherent beauty and majestic wonder. Foreigners love to go to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar which are all famous for their amazing attractions as there’s so many great things to do in Croatia. But do you know that are still other places that remain to be explored by your curious minds and hungry travel souls? Here are the top 10 hidden treasures in Croatia.


Most Beautiful Places In Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

As the name suggests, this tourist destination has a marvelous system of lakes that are all intertwined with each other by other bodies of water. You can find a total of 16 lakes at the Plitvice Lakes. Apart from the rivers, lakes, and streams in this national park, there are also other natural wonders such as various plant species, endemic mammals and animals, magnificent waterfalls, and stunning sights. This is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia that you must visit. If you plan to see everything in this national park, then make sure that you allot at least two days in order to witness all the beauty that is evident in this gigantic park that measures more than 3,000 hectares.



Are you a lover of nature? Do you appreciate diversity and serenity in the environment? Then you should definitely visit Lastovo. It is a haven for people who are simply desirous of peace and quiet moments where they could get some reflection about life and create immeasurable happiness with the natural world. This Nature Park is perfect for wine tours where you could experience the life in a vineyard. You could bring your bike for some cycling adventure or put on your shoes for some running escapade.



Vis is one of the least explored islands in Croatia. Very few tourists actually visit the place because of little knowledge that such an island even exists in the gorgeous country. Vis is filled with mystery and glamour. It is a highly rural place which offers extreme quietness, peace, and relaxation to those who just want to enjoy a laid-back vacation. Although the place has served as a naval base to Yugoslavia before Croatia has claimed its freedom. This is a must visit places when in Croatia. It can still be a perfect destination to those who prefer to be one with nature and swim on the bluest waters of the region. You could visit the place by riding a boat. Do not miss tasting some of the most pleasant wines that this place offers.



Those who are fond of playing and watching tennis would definitely be aware of Umag’s importance in such field of sports. The ATP Croatia Open is held every single year in this majestic part of the country. During the season, you will surely enjoy seeing plenty of partying in the clubs and also get to experience a marvelous festivity where everyone is just evidently happy. Apart from the exciting nightlife, Umag is also perfect for those who are dreaming of a refreshing beach getaway and an energy-boosting hunting activity. This is one of the best things to do in Croatia. It also has a wealth of cultural and linguistic diversity. If you want to polish your Italian language skills, then visiting a local village in Umag will give you the wonderful opportunity of speaking the language in the community where Italian influence is indisputable.



If you would like to witness how green Croatia could be, then you have to visit the island of Pašman. It is one of the most heavenly treasures of the country for having lots of trees and plants with beauty that is even furthered by the crystal clear blue waters of the sea surrounding the island. This is a great thing to do in Croatia. What’s great when visiting Pašman is its accessibility from the mainland. You could get there by just taking the catamaran and spend the rest of the day visiting other amazing islands as well.



If you are on for some historical exploration, then you also have to consider going to Opatija. This town can be found in Istria. It is a must-visit for both foreigners and locals because it gives us a view of the past when the Austrian aristocracy was still ruling the place. This tourist spot was first constructed in the late 1800s where you can find beautiful flowers and lush greeneries. This is a great thing to see in Croatia. The Opatija is also the best spot to see the 7.5 miles of Croatian coast along the Lungomare Riviera. You will certainly enjoy some pampering moments as you relax in its luxurious accommodations and wellness centers.



Traveling with your family means that you have to find the perfect spot where bonding, luxury, and fun could all be achieved. For all these goals, you have to visit Krk. It is considered as the perfect island in Croatia for those who are traveling with their families. The beaches are astonishingly beautiful and serene which make them great for kids who just want to bask under the sun and enjoy crystal clear waters. The island is easily accessible from the mainland because a bridge connects them together. Apart from beach swimming, you could also explore the underwater world by getting on a diving adventure.



Slavonia is not your typical Croatian adventure. It is seldom that tourists would consider putting this place in their itinerary because it isn’t that popular as compared with other regions. Despite this, it is still definitely one of the most precious gems that Croatia has. It is teeming with admirable attractions such as the Osijek which resembles the beautiful place of Vienna and Budapest. The region is also the perfect venue for those who would like to learn more about Croatian history. It boasts of landmarks that are significant to the development of the country. You could also get into an exciting gastronomic adventure as you visit the different parts of the region. Do not ever forget to try their local sausages which are called Kulen. Experience their local music and appreciate the rich Slavonian folklore.



Going to national parks is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of every travel destination. That’s why it is necessary that you include the Brijuni National Park in your itinerary. You will surely be stricken with awe as you wonderfully see a variety of natural creatures in the park. It boasts of thousands of animal and plant species. This is a great thing to see in Croatia. You could also visit the VelikiBrijun for a more thrilling adventure of roaming around the safari park while having a direct encounter with wildlife such as zebras, antelopes, and elephants.



Are you a romantic? Do you love visiting places that are filled with symbolic meanings? Then you have to include Galešnjak in your Croatian itinerary. This island can never be just your usual beach getaway because it lacks any hotel accommodations or nightclubs. Despite the absence of these things, what makes this island worth visiting is its interestingly and naturally beautiful heart shape. A lot of travel publications have already featured this island for its shape that can be a perfect symbolism of love to those who are getting married and spending their first days as couples. This is one of the most beautiful things to see in Croatia.


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