Redeem/Reuse Gift Cards Without Bluebird Or Serve In 2018/2019

Are you among the customers who have been disappointed when the Amex Serve and Bluebird prepaid cards have been shut down? That is surely a shocking news because it used to be among the favorite methods of customers to spend their gift cards. This is not similar to the shutting down of the Vanilla Reloads and the Redbird. The news has come as an utter shock to everyone because there were no signs pointing to the shutdown.

There may be shocking news from time to time in the credit card world, but there is no reason to be fearful of holding your rewards. Even when some options close down, you can still rely on other means to liquidate your MasterCard or Visa gift cards. In order to remove your worries, let me share with you some of the best ways that you can liquidate gift cards even when Bluebird and Amex Serve have already shut down.


Method Of Liquidating Gift Cards Without Bluebird or Amex Serve

Spend Your Gift Cards

Maybe you need to do some urgent grocery shopping and you have no cash. Why don’t you just use your gift cards for purchases? That is almost the same as liquidating to cash. You get to spend the gift cards for an important item that your family needs. As a matter of fact, some people use gift cards for the better management of their household finances. They use it to shop online, make purchases at the stores, or even pay your utility bills. If you are wiser enough, why don’t you also sell your extra gift cards to friends?



Use It For Rental Payment With RedPad

If you are paying a monthly rent, then you can simply use your gift cards to pay for rent through RedPad. The maximum amount that you can use is 5000 USD. This is a wise method to liquidate your gift cards.

If you decide to pay rent through RedPad, you will surely be happy because you will find out that they do not charge fees when you pay rent through a debit card. You can simply have your MetaBank Visa gift cards processed to a debit card.



Just Buy Money Orders

The most convenient way by which you can liquidate your MasterCard or Visa gift cards is by simply buying money orders. You can do this with establishments that accept pin-enabled gift cards for purchases. Among the establishments where you can do this option are the post office and Kwik Shops. By choosing this option, you can have a money order from your gift card and decide whether to deposit the amount to your bank or use it to pay your credit card balance. Note that Walmart no longer accepts Vanilla cards for money orders.



Purchase Gift Cards

Yup, your gift cards can also be used to purchase other gift cards. Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used to purchase MetaBank Visa gift cards at higher rates, however. But why would you choose to buy another gift card in exchange for your Vanilla Visa gift card? I have discussed that Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are not accepted at Walmart stores for cashing in. It is, therefore, only reasonable to buy another gift card that can be used immediately for liquidation. You can simply present your pin-enabled Vanilla Visa gift cards in exchange for a purchase of the MetaBank Visa gift card.

Once you have already gotten your MetaBank Visa card, then you can already use it for depositing the amount to your own bank account. Another way to use it is by paying the balance off your credit card or purchasing money orders. Be wary, however, of choosing this option because it is much more expensive than other methods. Only do this when you are in dire need of cash.



Cash Into PayPal Or Google Wallet

Google Wallet is among the best options for cashing in your gift cards. A person could purchase the gift card and get a 3% return. Then he could liquidate through the Google Wallet and get a cash back of 2.9%. The remaining 0.1% cashback could then be used to cover the fees for exchanging the gift card. But you have to be very careful in doing this method many times.

Another way to liquidate gift cards is by cashing into PayPal. Choosing this route, however, may not seem so wise because PayPal has significantly large fees for exchanging gift cards. But if you just really need the money immediately and you have no other options left, then you can definitely go on with using PayPal.


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