How To Use Amex Gift Cards To Buy Money Orders (2018/2019 Edition)

People want to know how to buy money orders with American Express gift cards. This is not possible because these gift cards are not pin enabled. It is for this reason that you cannot use the gift cards to buy money orders. You can buy the pin enabled gift cards with the Amex gift cards and then later use the pin enabled gift cards to buy a money order.


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We all guess that this process is long and tiresome. There is an easier method of liquidating Amex gift cards through loading them to the Amex for Target or to Target Prepaid REDcard. If you happen to have a lot to liquidate, then it will make sense to cash it out through Amex for Target or Redbird. There are some cost considerations that you will have to cater for in this process when using Amex gift cards to buy money orders:

  • A money order will charge you between$0.20 to 0.89 depending on where you purchase.
  • Every $500 Visa gift card will cost you $3.95
  • Every Amex gift card order will charge a shipping fee ranging from $5.95 to $8.95.
  • Each Amex gift card worth$2,000 charges you a fee of $3.95


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If you use a back portal, then you can be able to offset this charges. One of the back portals you can use is the Top cash bank to buy money orders using Amex gift cards. This cash bank wills pay1.5% cash out on each Amex gift card. You will earn cash back of $60, and you will only be needed to pay around $13.85 to $16.85 on an Amex gift card order worth $4000 for the gift card and shipping fees. This means that you will only use $31.60 in the fees for gift cards when liquidating a $500 gift card. The money order fees can be reduced in a great way if you happen to purchase them in a place that allows several gift cards as a means of payment. It is also possible to get some profits from these places for the best way to use Amex gift cards to buy money orders. A great site that you can use to make purchases is on sites like this for Canon G7x screws.


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The main challenge you will get in this process is a place that will sell you a Visa gift card using a credit card. This is because the American Express gift cards purchases are processed like the transactions of a gift card. The other challenge you will have is to get that place which will accept to sell you a money order when using a debit card to change the gift card that is pin enabled to a money order. If you manage to get through the two challenges we have talked about, then you buy money orders using Amex gift cards. You can also make purchases buy spending them to buy some Canon G7x Mark ii screws.

You have an option of depositing the money orders in your bank account or using them as a means of paying off your credits in banks as soon as you get them. To avoid looking like you are in a kind of scheme that is laundering money then it is advisable to use both methods. Keep receipts of everything to be safe and have a record in case something happens.


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