How To Reach Credit Card Signup Bonus And Spending Requirements- 2018/2019 Edition

For those that know the wonderful offerings from credit card companies when signing up for a new credit card with a signup on bonus. Then you might want to know how to reach spending requirements to get these points and bonuses that are offered.

For those that won’t normally hit the minimum spend requirements for new credit cards, there’s a few ways to go around this and create manufacture spending so you reach the credit card signup bonus in the required time and later go ahead and use that actual dollar credit that you spent up front.

Below we’ll explain how you can reach credit card signup bonus and meet spending requirements that credit card companies require for those bonus points.


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How To Reach Spending Requirements And Signup Bonus On Credit Cards


Several utility companies require customers to bond the utility account with an account from your bank. The banks are however letting customers use their credit cards to pay bills. Enquire from the utility providers if they accept credit cards payments or if they have any plan to accept them soon. Most phone and cable companies will allow you to use your credit card for payments so remember to link the point earning card. You may even get more points if your card gives a bonus to internet and telecommunications providers such as Ink Plus and Ink Bold. These cards reward multiple points for every $1 used to pay monthly expenditures.


Gift Cards

Using gift cards is the simplest and the quickest way to get eligible purchases much faster. This is because you buy money for later use. You can buy gift card offered by Visa and Amex kind be bought from the different suppliers like gas stations, supermarkets, and drug stores among others. You can get them in either variable load cards or set of denominations, and you have the freedom to select the amount to put on them. The purchases are limited to $500, and you will be charged a fee of $3.95 to $7.95.

The greatest thing about using these products is that you can use a PIN on them. You can, therefore, use them in the same way you use your debit cards and also to complete all the other transactions where you are not allowed to use a credit card. Gift cards will pay different expenses for you like paying utilities and taxes among others. It is crucial to note that some companies on credit cards will charge purchases on gift cards like cash advances. Carry out a test order with your gift card before you get carried away with its usage.


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Car, Rent And Mortgage Payments

Most financial institutions and banks prefer to have customers pay car loans, rent, and mortgage either directly to the bank account or by check. Financial institutions and banks do not accept credit card payments. Services like WilliamPaid and Charge Smart will enable customers to make these payments using credit cards, but you will be charged a fee of 3% to every payment.

To some, this fee might be too much compared to the value of bonus points, but it would be an ideal choice for people who want to reach the minimum use for an enormous sign-up bonus. Make inquiries from your finance company or bank and ensure that they will accept this mode of payment.


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Electronic Payment Services

There are several payments systems apart from checks that you can use to pay people with without having to post any cash advance. For instance, you can use the Amazon payments for authentic business and personal needs. Here you change the money you plan on using to a point earning credit card. The recipient, on the other hand, can deposit the value to the attached bank account directly.

It is recommendable not to misuse this feature by shifting several dollars between different people for you may risk Amazon closing your account. This service is not charged, but you are limited to $1000 received and sent for one account in a month. You can, therefore, use this way to pay off your little expenses from your cards such as paying a vacation rental or a group dinner.



The Amex Bluebird is an alternative to debit or checking, and it has risen to be among the best ways to get miles and points where you are not able to use a credit card. You can start funding your Bluebird as soon as you sign up with them and activate the account. You can start funding it by buying Vanilla Reloads from the retailers such as the CVS. These retailers allow you to purchase via point earning credit cards and each card will be charged roughly $3.95 with denominations of at most $500. When you load the Bluebird account with the Vanilla Reload value, then you can cut a check either a physical check or use the electrical bill pay service for expenses such as insurance premiums, car leases, and mortgage among others.

One drawback you will have with this is that the Vanilla Reload will limit you to a maximum loading of $5000 to the Bluebird in one calendar month. This means that one can only spend $15,000 this way and have a $10,000 balance from other sources but the direct and the check by mail deposit. On the bright side the Bluebird is versatile, and with the $5000 monthly limit, you will earn points as you make purchases which you can then use for other expenses.

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Most people probably pay their taxes by cash or by check but what they do not know are that they have been most likely wasting points. One can pay for state and property taxes using Official Payments like third-party services. You, however, need to check service providers for tax payment on the IRS list when it comes to federal taxes. Good news is that many of these service providers will accept credit card payments. Note that you will be charged some convenience fee and this may reduce the number of points you get.


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