How To Liquidate Gift Cards Without Bluebird Or Serve – 2018/2019 Edition

So many people were shocked by the most recent Amex Serve, and Bluebird prepaid cards got shut down.This was one of the main ways people would spend gift cards when manufacture spending from credit cards. Unlike when the Vanilla Reloads and Redbird were put down, this time there were not any signs, in-store memos or quiet rumbling of this and worried those who liquidate gift cards from credit cards using this method.

When some of these things happen out of the blues, you get so many people were left with excess MasterCard gifts and Visa gift cards. We are aware that we can use money orders as a way of excess gift card liquidation. There is, however, other so many options that you can use to load a Serve or Bluebird Card. We’ll explain how to spend gift cards without Bluebird or Serve when manufacture spending using your credit card.


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How To Liquidate Gift Cards Without Bluebird or Serve

  1. Buy Money Orders

We have mentioned this before but let us repeat because this is the easiest and the fastest way to liquidate MasterCard and Visa gift cards is purchasing money orders. Note that Vanilla branded cards are not accepted by Walmart for the purchase of the money orders. You can, however, use them in other places where the gift cards that are pin enabled are accepted for the purchases of money orders. You can use for instance for to the Kwik shops or the post office. Here you will be able to get a money order from your unwanted gift card and alter deposit to your bank account or pay off the credit cards when creating manufacture spending.


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  1. Pay Rent With RadPad

You may not have heard of RadPad, but it is service that gives you an opportunity use a debit card to pay off your rent. The maximum you can pay per month using the service is $5,000 and is a good method to spend gift cards without Serve orBluebird.

The best thing about using this service is that they do not charge any fees when you use a debit card to pay off your rent. The RadPad have processed MetaBank Visa gift cards to debit cards. What we are yet to confirm is if you can use the Vanilla Visas as debit cards as well.


  1. Send Money Via PayPal Or Google Wallet

There is a time the Google wallet was at the top of exchanging the gift cards. One would buy the Amex gift cards 3% back and later got a 2.9% cash back by liquidating them through the Google Wallet. This way you will be left with 0.1% cash back and stash miles that you can use to cover the fees of the gift card. If you play this trick for a long time, you will be chunked down, but it may take a while to liquidate gift cards without Serve or Bluebird

At times you can also send money through Amex gift card to a member of your family by using PayPal. The fees were high, and now that there is no much charge on gift card purchases cash back then it is not worth it. You can, however, use it to liquidate the excess gift cards if you are desperate and have the urgency of the money from manufacture spending with credit cards.


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  1. Buy Other Visa Gift Cards

This method works with many of the Vanilla Visa gift cards, but it is not cheap at all. However, since these cards cannot be cashed by the Walmart and you urgently need the money, then you can use it to purchase MetaBank Visa gift cards at the office supply or grocery stores. The gift cards from Vanilla Visa have some pins then the cashier will want to see the card.

Ensure that after you put the pin, it does not process a credit transaction. You can then use the gift cards from Metabank Visa to make deposits in your accounts or to buy some money orders. You can also use then as a way of paying some credit in your bank. You should not consider this unless you do not have any other way left since it is much expensive compared to the others. At times the gift card fees will waver when office supply and grocery stores have some offers, but still, this should be the very last option of spending gift cards without Serve or Bluebird to help with credit card manufacture spending.


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  1. Spend It

This approach is considered by many as the best way to liquidate gift cards when using your credit card for points. You can use the gift card to get some household stuff. The gift card can act as a great tool for budgeting, and this will help you to manage your expenses much better. Use the gift cards to shop online, make in-store purchases, and bay bills of the household. If the gift cards are too many, then you can also consider selling them to family members or friends. Another idea is to use it on websites like this for a Canon G7x screen screw.


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