How To Cancel American Express Card But Keep Membership Rewards Points?

Is it possible to cancel American Express card but still keep Membership Rewards points? In this post, we will help those who would like to cancel their AMEX cards but still keep Membership Rewards points.


Is It Possible To Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards Points To Different Account Holder?

Even if you intend to transfer AMEX points to your wife, husband, or child, you still cannot do it. But you can circumvent this policy by following these tips:

You can actually just register your spouse as an authorized user of your account. By doing this, you can still earn the Membership Rewards points on your account.

If you plan to redeem your AMEX points, then you can just transfer them to the account that is used frequently for flying and that which has the most number of miles. This will prevent you from using more points for topping up. Also, know that your partner or spouse has to be an authorized user of your account in order to transfer your AMEX points to his or her account.


How To Cancel AMEX Card And Still Keep Rewards Points

Since we have already clarified that AMEX Membership Rewards Points do not expire, then you can have peace of mind in canceling your AMEX Platinum Card if ever you find the need to do it. Here are the methods so that you can cancel your AMEX Platinum Card but keep the Membership Rewards active:


Keep At Least One AMEX Membership Rewards Card Open

In order to successfully preserve the points that you have from your AMEX Membership Rewards, then you have to make sure that you have one card open. The card can be your Personal AMEX Card which is linked to your AMEX Membership Rewards. If you want to get rid of the AMEX Business Platinum Card, then you could do so for as long as you retain the other one.


Apply For A New AMEX Card That Is Linked To Membership Rewards

In case that you are having any kind of problems with your existing cards, then you could simply open a new one that will be linked to your AMEX Membership Rewards. The company offers different promos such as your ability to waive the first annual fee.

What’s so good about having a new AMEX Card? Well, you can actually receive the 10,000 Membership Rewards Sign-Up Bonus if you get the AMEX EveryDay Credit card. This option also waives the first year of annual fees. Another option is to get the AMEX Green Card which waives 95 USD of annual fees for the first year of application.


Get An AMEX Blue Card

You can actually apply for an AMEX Blue Card which will keep your points but won’t transfer out. It’s basically another form of downgrading in order to preserve whatever points you have gained from your previous card. However, when you downgrade to the AMEX Blue Card, you won’t be allowed to transfer your points to the partner airlines or hotels.


Transfer Points From Membership Rewards To A Partner

Well, by doing this, you can actually make sure that you get value from the points that you have gained from the Membership Rewards. You don’t essentially keep the Membership Rewards Points but you get to use the value for a different purpose. You could actually check out the partner airlines or hotels where you could have your AMEX points transferred. You could try the Singapore KrisFlyer or the British Airways. Remember that the procedure cannot be reversed. You can only transfer from the AMEX Membership Rewards to a partner and not the other way around.


Do The Points From AMEX Membership Rewards Expire?

You have to know that the points that you garner from the American Express Membership Rewards do not expire at all. Just make sure that your AMEX Membership Rewards is still an active account. This is regardless of whatever the staff or sales representative tell you. Remember, sometimes representatives are not fully informed of the features of your membership.


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