Credit Score Comparison: FAKO Or FICO?

Have you ever been confused about the difference between FICO and FAKO? We know how difficult it is to get on the right decision when certain terms are still not clear to you. That’s why we would like to help you determine the differences between the two so that you could make a better financial decision.

The first thing that you have to understand is that FICO is definitely not the same as FAKO. A lot of websites offer credit monitoring services that are not actually FICO scores but mere FAKO scores. If that’s the case, should you still consider getting their services? For us, you must not waste a single penny on those offering only FAKO scores because banks accept only real FICO scores for their assessments.

The second thing that you have to understand is that you can get a credit report every year from Experian, Equifax, Transunion, and other credit bureaus. In order to easily acquire such service, you may check out By monitoring your FICO score through this website, you will be able to effectively monitor your credit score and immediately address any issue that may affect your success when applying for credit accounts.


The Experian FICO Score

Getting the Experian FICO score may be the most complicated of all the providers. The only method by which you can get your Experian FICO score is through credit card or loan application. Some of the members of the PSECU Credit Union are given free access to the Experian FICO Score monitoring services.

However, there is a bad news concerning all the services offered by these providers. The scores are offered by the Experian and the Transunion are actually not FICO but FAKO scores. So if you have purchased these scores, you are most likely getting the wrong FICO scores for your account.


The Transunion FICO Score

If ever that you have subscribed to the Score Watch, know that their free trial feature does not provide you with the Transunion FICO score. In order to know your Transunion FICO score, then you will have to subscribe to their monitoring services which are offered at a per quarter basis. The monthly fee is less than 5 USD wherein you have to subscribe for at least three months. Check out the MyFICO product comparisons here.


The Equifax FICO Score

You may be able to know your Equifax FICO score by getting an access through their application here. You can even get a free 10 days of trial for the MyFico Score Watch.

To extend the trial services and continually monitor your credit score, then you can simply subscribe to their monthly credit check services for only less than 15 USD per month.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there similarities or links between the FAKO and FICO credit scores?

Sorry to break your spirit but there is not a single connection between the FAKO credit score and the FICO credit score. If you want to get your real credit score that will be honored by the banks, then you have to get your FICO credit score. The only credible way to get your real FICO scores through Equifax and Transunion is by following the methods prescribed above.


How do I know the FICO score that my banking institution would use?

There is really no categorical answer to this question because it all depends upon the institution and where it is particularly located. You can simply use the Credit Pulls database in order to get an idea on which credit bureau your baking institution would most likely pull from. Also, you have to understand that some banks do not just pull the credit score from one credit bureau. They actually validate findings by cross-checking with other bureaus and other locations.


Does CreditKarma offer FICO credit score?

No, it only releases FAKO credit scores.


Is it true that Experian does not offer an authentic FICO credit score?

Again, it is sad to assert that the Experian only offers the FAKO credit score. Based on our research, this is primarily because getting authentic FICO scores can be pricey. It would be much cheaper to just monitor the FAKO score instead of the FICO score. Just by looking at the site of Experian, you will understand that they only offer their own model for credit score monitoring. It is explicitly stated in their site that their model is definitely not used by banks or credit institutions to assess the worthiness of credit applications. It merely helps users or account holders to understand their own creditworthiness so that they could adjust according to their financial goals.


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