Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass Lounge Questions Answered

Are you thinking about how to gain access to the Priority Pass Select Lounge? I would love to share with you helpful tips on how you could have access to the lounge while holding a Chase Sapphire Reserve card. If you think that you will be automatically allowed entry to the lounge, then you might be wrong about such a belief because one has to be an official member of the Priority Pass Select first.


Things To Know About Priority Select Pass Lounge:

Setup Your Chase Ultimate Rewards

If you already have your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, then you must also be setting up your own Chase Ultimate Rewards account. You can do this by signing up at the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal. As you sign up, make sure that you will remember your username and password so that you won’t have difficulty logging in the future.


Link Your Own Rewards Account to Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

In order to earn rewards for every transaction that you make using your card, then you will have to successfully link your Ultimate Rewards Account to your ow Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. Linking your account could prove to be a great benefit because it will allow you to combine all the points that you earn from all your existing Chase cards. As you visit the portal, remember to select the Sapphire Reserve Card option.


Check Out the Perks and Privileges

You might not know that Chase Rewards constantly offer perks and privileges to their account holders. It would be nice to know about the benefits that you could get by clicking the Learn More button on the portal.


Activate Your Ultimate Rewards Account

What’s the use of signing up without having it activated? None, right? So please do not forget to activate your Rewards account by clicking the button that is labeled as Priority Pass Activate. Once you have successfully activated your account, you will notice that the green button will be marked with a check. By so doing, the Chase system will automatically be sending you the Priority Pass Select Card.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the processing of the Priority Pass Select Card?

You may be receiving your Priority Pass Select Card a week after successfully activating your Ultimate Rewards account.


Will my spouse be given access even when I am not with him/her during travels?

A sure way to give the same access to your spouse is by making him/her an authorized user of your Priority Pass Select card. If you still haven’t made the necessary steps for authorizing him/her, then you will have to prepare a fee of around $75. This will allow your spouse to have a Priority Pass Select Card that bears his or her name.

But if you are after gaining more rewards, then we suggest that keep away from making your spouse an authorized user of your card. There will be limited benefits for your spouse such as his or her inability to earn up to $300 worth of travel credits. But other than that, you may still definitely choose to have him or her your authorized user. Your spouse could still earn $300 travel credits every year for as long as the expenses are charged to your Chase Sapphire Reserve. There is also a possibility to get up to 3x the points for every dining or travel expense charged thru your card.

But for the best rewards and perks, I would recommend that you simply get your spouse his or her own 100K Chase Sapphire Reserve. It would benefit your family a lot more.


Will other family members be given access to the Priority Pass Select Lounge?

What’s amazing with having the Chase Sapphire Reserve is that even your family members can enjoy the Priority Pass Select Lounge for as long as you are traveling with them. Not only would family members enjoy this kind of perks but even your other travel companions and friends.


Can the Priority Pass Select Card be used for access to other lounges?

The only lounges that you may gain access through your Priority Pass Select Card are those that are under the Priority Pass list or those accredited by them. There is no use for your card if you are planning to gain entry to the United Club and the American Admirals Club. Well, you could always just fly first class if you want to have access to some of the most glamorous and luxurious lounges in the world.


Can I access the lounge through digital means?

Chase Sapphire Reserve still has not developed a digital means for gaining access. You will always need to bring your physical Priority Pass Select Card in order to access the lounge. Hopefully, they get to develop this particular aspect because everything is truly becoming mobile and digital nowadays.


Can I still enter the lounge even when I don’t have the physical card?

In case that you have forgotten to bring your Priority Pass Select Card, do not fret because there is an option to acquire a day pass. You could simply purchase a day pass using your own Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Do not worry because such a transaction can be used twice and reimbursed accordingly. To prevent unnecessary hassle and worries, why don’t you simply keep your card in your wallet? This will make sure that you won’t forget it wherever you go.

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