Buying Money Orders With American Express Gift Cards: 2018/2019 Guide

Are you among those who want to know the method by which they can purchase money orders with American Express gift cards? You must first understand that it may not be entirely possible because the Amex gift cards do not have PIN features. Thus, you cannot use such gift cards for buying money orders. The only thing that you can use for buying money orders are the pin-enabled gift cards. You will have to simply purchase a pin-enabled gift cards which you can use later on for money orders from American Express.


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Well, the said process can be a little tiring and rigorous, so we may consider doing an easier alternative. In order to prevent undergoing such process, we could simply load the Amex gift card to Target Prepaid REDcard. In case you have a lot to liquidate, then it would truly be best to simply cash your gift cards through Target or Redbird. In case you decide to follow this route, then you will have to consider the following:

  • You may be charged with a fee of around 0.20 to 0.89 USD for every purchase. It depends on the location when the order was done.
  • You can be charged around 3.95 USD for every Visa gift card.
  • If you desire to have the Amex gift card order shipped, then you have to pay a fee of 5.95-8.95 USD.
  • There is a fee of around 3.95 USD for every 2000 USD Amex gift card.

If you think that the charges are unreasonable, then you could skip the traditional methods and opt instead to go for the back portal. By using a back portal, you can be relieved of the charges and enjoy the full perks. The widely used back portal is Top Cash Bank where you can purchase money orders with Amex gift cards. Rather than being charged for the money order, you will even be gaining a cash return of around 1.5%. If you have a 4000 USD gift card, then you could be receiving around 60 USD and pay only around 13-16 USD for the money order and the shipping fee. Isn’t that wonderful?


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If you are liquidating a gift card amounting to 500 USD, then you will only have to pay around 31 USD. The amount of fees can even be reduced if you purchase the money orders in establishments where you can utilize various gift cards for payment. Apart from saving on fees, you can even earn from the purchase of money orders for as long as you use the Amex gift cards on the back portal modes.

The downside of choosing the back portal mode such as the Top cash bank is that you will have to sell your Visa Card with the use of your own credit card. Apart from that, you may also face a difficulty when it comes to choosing establishments that accept money orders using a debit card. Remember, you can only proceed with the money order with a gift card that is PIN enabled.

The last option to proceed with a money order is by depositing it in your own bank account. You may also use the gift card by paying the current balance in your credit card. These last two methods are the most acceptable and easiest ways to use the gift cards as cash. Do not ever forget to keep all the copies of transactions as a reference in the future when buying gift cards with Amex.


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