Best Way To Get Targeted For 100,000 Credit Card Bonus Point Offers

Upon hearing that AMEX offers 100,000 bonus points, my friends and I immediately gasped and tried looking for ways by which we can also be targeted. Who would not want to have 100,000 bonus points? We know that the annual fee of AMEX is quite expensive amounting to 450 USD, but the benefits that I could get from the bonus can effectively waive those fees! Now we are wondering how could we ever be targeted for 100,000 bonus points from credit card companies!


Here Are The Things We’ve Reckoned So Far:

  1. We should have opted to receive offers from AMEX

Well, AMEX does not automatically opt you in for their credit card promotions. Maybe that’s a proven sign of their respect for their clients. That’s why it would be very beneficial on your part if you are constantly receiving credit card offers through your email.

To check whether you are subscribed to their email list to get these 100,000 point credit card sign up point offers, then you can log in to your AMEX portal. Then check the Profile and Preferences Tab. Select the option for Marketing Email Preferences. Tick the Yes Button for the New Card & Credit Offers Tab.


  1. We need to present ourselves as clients with great paying potentials

How do you think credit card providers evaluate prospective clients? Basically, you need to have a good credit history to be given the credit card sign up bonus 1000,000 point offerings. There must not be any point of contention about your reputation as a client. You have to understand that the two of the most important determining factors of whether or not banking institutions will approve your application is how you utilize your loans and the method by which you may balances. If you keep on delaying payments, then it is only commonsensical that you may not be seen attractively by the credit providers.

  1. It makes a lot of sense when we still have not established a relationship with AMEX

Most businesses usually offer the greatest benefits to those whom they want to attract to their services. This principle applies the same to both AMEX cards and Chase cards because most of their wonderful offers are given to potential clients and not really to existing clients. Well, we still cannot claim that this will always be the case. But based on our observation on those given the targeted 100,000 bonus points offer for the AMEX Platinum Card, AMEX does provide attractive benefits to prospective clients who are holding other accounts with other providers or to those who have not been fully utilizing the AMEX features.


  1. We need to make sure that we check out our mail often

I bet, you seldom check out mails that are sent by credit card companies, right? It’s actually the same for us because we think that these are but distractions or useless promotions. But let us change the way you think about credit card mails. There are actually a lot of wonderful benefits offered by credit card providers that are sent through the mail. You just have to make sure that you consistently check out the mail and examine the contents as well. You also have to ask your spouse or partner to check their mail frequently because most attractive offers are sent to those who have minimum relationships with the bank.


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