Best Way To Buy Visa Gift Cards With Credit Cards For Manufactured Spending

Have you ever wondered how to purchase Visa gift cards using credit cards for manufactured spending to get points or reaching a minimum spend bonus? The procedures are definitely simple, but I would still want to make things a lot simpler for you.

Liquidating Visa gift cards and purchasing visa gift cards using credit cards are some of the most common transactions that make up manufacture spending. But how do you really use your own credit card to buy a PIN-enabled Visa gift card? Where shall you go to for such purposes?

There are different merchants around the country that offer sales of Visa gift cards using credit cards to manufacture spend. However, you have to know which merchant would accept your credit card and up to how much they are willing to sell.


Best Way To Buy Visa Gift Cards With Credit Cards For Manufactured Spending


This can be the most convenient option for those who have not much time to go out and purchase the gift card personally. Apart from saving time and keeping yourself away from the hassle, you can also save much more when you do the transaction online. You can even take advantage of cash back portals existing on the internet such as the Yazing and the TopCashBack. These portals would usually offer cash backs to purchases done in Personally, I would rather choose Yazing because of their efficient tracking mechanisms. A Visa Gift Card that is worth 2500 USD would require around 17.20 USD as a fee. Upon computation, you could be spending another 6.88 USD for every thousand dollar worth of gift card.


Grocery Stores

There are a lot of grocery stores in the US where you can purchase your Visa Gift Card using your choice of credit card. Walmart and Safeway also offer Visa gift cards that can be purchased in increments of up to 500 USD using Metabank. If you will compare the fees required for purchase in the grocery stores with that of, you will notice that Walmart and Safeway charge much higher. Despite the higher fees, it would still be worth the transaction because groceries usually offer various promotions with the use of credit cards. You can take advantage of their gas rewards, cash back deals, and points earning promos. It would be best to buy the gift cards using promo periods because they might be offering zero charges during those times.


Gas Stations

There are a number of gas stations in the country where you can buy Visa Gift Card using credit cards. These gas stations would even let you earn around 6 points for every single dollar spent using your credit card. Note, however, that some gas stations do not allow credit card payments. You will have to check first whether they accept such mode. Also, I recommend that you use your mile-earning credit card from Metabank when you purchase the Visa Gift card for better perks.


Simon Mall

Simon Mall offers Visa Gift Card purchases in increments of 500 USD for a fee of 3.95 USD. But once a year, they would waive the 3.95 fee in favor of their Holiday promotions. In case that you are a VIP shopper of the mall, then you might also be probably receiving constant updates on their promotions concerning the purchase of gift cards.



You can definitely buy a Visa gift card from most of the drugstores in your place. It is almost similar to how you get Vanilla Visa gift cards from CVS. Before, most people would liquidate their money orders there were purchased from the US Post Office. However, current regulations of the said establishment do not permit the use of Visa gift cards anymore.

Another store where you can use credit cards for purchasing Visa Gift Cards is the Gift Card Mall. GCM can be a good choice most especially during their promo periods. You will definitely enjoy great rates during such periods.


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