Best Places To Buy Money Orders With PIN Gift Card In 2018/2019

Have you been wondering where you can buy money orders with a pin-enabled gift card? Do you even know how to use your gift cards?

One of the most wonderful methods that you can unload a pin-enabled gift card is by purchasing money orders. By doing this, you could even earn points for manufacture spending using credit cards. You can also gain miles when you use debit cards for the money orders.

Some people choose to use UFB Direct Airline Check Card for money orders which allow them to earn around 0.5 miles for every dollar spent. The maximum amount for the said card is around 2500 USD every day while the limit for American Express Serve is around 5000 USD.

Purchasing money orders through a pin-enabled gift card is one of the best options for those who urgently need cash on hand. Instead of using the gift cards for purchases, you could surely have them turned into cash through different means.


Best Places To Buy Money Orders With PIN Gift Card In 2018/2019


Gas Stations, Kwik Shop, or 7-Eleven

There are different establishments today that sell money orders. Based on my personal experience, I was able to buy money orders through Vanilla Reloads using my Chase Ink Bold card in a certain 7-Eleven establishment. However, some of the 7-Eleven stores in America have already stopped allowing this transaction. Well, there still remains other establishments where you can have your money orders such as Kwik Shop or other gas stations. Another option that you can go through is by visiting the San Francisco market where you can find stores that allow purchases of PayPal cards.


US Post Office

The US Post Office is one of the least famous options for those who are purchasing money orders. But do you know that it is actually the main rival of Walmart in such transactions? The US Post Office charges their customer around 0.89 USD for every money order transaction.



Most of the banks in the country would allow you to buy money orders with a PIN-enabled gift card. However, going through this route may prove to be more expensive than choosing Walmart.


Grocery Stores such as Publix and Raley’s

Purchasing your money orders through some of the grocery stores could prove to be profitable on your part most especially that some of them offer fuel reward points. However, we have heard from some customers that Raley’s stores in California no longer accept debit cards for money order payments. Still we have to verify that, but there are surely other stores in your locality where you can have the money orders.



Well, most Walmart Money Centers would not accept money orders from PIN-enabled gift cards. But there are some ways by which you can circumvent this limitation. The first option that you can do is by buying a gift card with your name on it. If you choose to go by this route, then you will have to be willing to play some tricks such as covering the bold text using your own hand as you give it to the cashier. When the cashier fails to see the bold part, then she will immediately hand in the cash to you. I don’t think that there is any legal violation with this. The secret to successfully making this work is by limiting your purchase to at most 1000 USD so as not to capture the attention of the cashier.

Another option would be to visit Bluebird kiosks. Their fees for every transaction is only around 0.20 to 0.75 USD with a maximum cash out amount of 500 USD. It could be a lot more expensive than having it through Walmart, but would you even mind if you just simply need the cash as soon as possible?

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