5 Best Things To Do In Tamarindo

Have you ever encountered Tamarindo in travel blog posts and magazines? Then you must know that Tamarindo is actually one of the most spectacular places to visit for beach lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Tamarindo is a unique town that is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This place can be considered to be almost barren since there are only a little over 500 people living in it. But because of its popularity as a beach destination, people flock to this place during summer and other seasons.

The best time to visit Tamarindo is from November to December. This is particularly because the waves tend to be strong enough for some exciting surf adventure. If you love to challenge yourself over a 12-feet wave, then make sure that you go to Tamarindo during this season. But if you are only after some restful vacation, then you could head on to this area from January to April when you can enjoy the luxury of bathing in crystal clear blue waters. Expect Tamarindo to be hot all-year-round since the temperature in the town does not go below 78 degrees.

You can get to the town of Tamarindo by riding a local plane or getting into a private helicopter from San Jose. You may also take a different route by driving your own vehicle or renting a private car for your service.


5 Best Things To Do In Tamarindo

Swim At The Tamarindo Beach

What do you imagine when you hear the word Costa Rica? Isn’t it fun and playful beach getaways? Then you must never miss going to the Tamarindo Beach. This body of water is famous for having some of the most pristine waters and whitest sands in the entire world. Apart from basking in the heat of the sun and enjoying the cool salt water, you may also explore the place by going on some water adventures. You could try snorkeling, diving, and fishing. You may also play soccer on the beautiful sand. What’s most exciting to try in Tamarindo is surfing. The waves can get really high and these waves will either make you excited for more or cry for too much. Apart from physical adventures, you will surely also delight in the delicacies offered by the different stalls located along the beach area.


Learn Surfing At Iguana Surf

Iguana Surf is a very popular destination for those who would like to experience a one-of-a-kind surfing session with some of the best surfers at one of the most stunning beaches in the world. This surf shop has been offering surfing lessons and selling various surfing essentials for three decades. You can say that a Tamarindo Bay vacation will never be complete without paying a visit to the Iguana Surf. The shop has more than a hundred surfboards to be rented. They also have four schedules for their surfing lessons daily. Apart from safe and exciting surfing lessons, this company is also known for providing cool travel packages to let you get acquainted with the culture and the surroundings of Tamarindo Beach. You may schedule your honeymoon or family vacation with Iguana Surf and get beach tour packages with surfing lessons for both children and adults.


Get A Tour Of The Monkey Jungle Canopy

If you are done enjoying the waters of Costa Rica, you can next have some fun in the forests of the beautiful country. It would be so awesome to try getting into the Monkey Jungle Canopy Tours because it will give you a supremely ethereal feel of Mother Earth. The tour will surely capture your souls as it creates an effect that combines thrill and appreciation. You will definitely feel more than elated as you see the different monkey species that hang from one tree to another. You will appreciate nature more than ever as you get a panoramic view of the entire forest as you ride the cable cars and make an observation of the surrounding place. There are 7 cables that you could ride with each cable offering a distinct feeling. One cable could bring you way up high seeing all the treetops while another cable could bring you further low towards the canopy. Make sure that you include this in your tour because the jaguars, monkeys, and other creatures are all worth seeing.


Get Into An ATV Adrenaline Ride

There are different things to discover on the landscapes of Tamarindo. It would be highly exciting to try one of the services of ATV Adrenaline Tours. By booking a tour with them, you will get to experience riding a 420 cc ATV that is driven by a professional and reliable crew. From that tour, you will get to witness some of the most magical landscapes in Costa Rica. While riding the ATV, you may ask the tour provider to bring you to different destinations such as the beach, the mountain, the canopy, and the surfing spot.


Get Into An Aquatic Experience At Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is a popular city that is characterized by a marvelously awesome coastline and pristine beach waters. It is where most tourists flock for the ultimate beach experience. You will surely love the place because it is filled with everything that you will need for a modern, luxurious and restful vacation. You may book your accommodations with the condominiums and hotels located along the coast. You may also just get in the waters and experience the refreshing feeling of swimming with the gentle waves. You could also go underwater and personally meet with amazing sea creatures such as the marlin and the swordfish. If you happen to visit in July, you will also surely enjoy the gathering of fishers as they conduct the yearly sailfish event.


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