Bogotá Warnings And Dangers – Tips On Stay Safe

Dangers in Bogota

Bogotá is one of the hidden wonders of this world, and when traveling its streets there is so much to see, including many museums and 17th century churches, as well as neoclassical performances wherever you look. However, be aware that ALL travel comes with potentially dangerous moments and you should be aware of dangers and warning in Bogota – but if you keep these guidelines in mind you’re sure to have a safe journey in Bogotá.


Some Taxi Drivers Will Want to Steal Your Money

Always look at the license plates and other indicators on a taxi, and memorize what you are reading or take a picture as a Bogota warning for safety. Then get in. Better yet, its even safer to always have your hotel call a cab to the door. This way you are guaranteed a reputable company or driver, whereas other drivers may try to cheat you if you don’t know the currency or customs well. For those asking is Bogota safe to ride in cabs, this is one way to avoid the Bogota dangers from Taxi drivers.


Keep Aware of Pick-Pockets

While having fun in Bogotá, also be on the alert for thieving crews which often work the city itself. Many people think that Bogota is not safe because of the amount petty crimes. When it comes to your valuables you want to be wise, so first be aware of other people: be on alert whenever a stranger seems to want to hug you, this is a technique so that he/she can search your pockets. Try to notice groups of two or three who are wandering about aimlessly – back and forth – or even just look like they’re following you or someone else. When asked for money by the homeless, try instead to buy them a meal or a hot drink.

Second, when walking through thick crowds keep your bag on the front of you body. In fact, where all your items or valuables in plain sight right in front of you. Buy a jacket which has inside pockets sown into the lining. Try and avoid wearing earrings, watches, necklaces, and other expensive jewelry in public. These types of tips should help you avoid dangers in Bogota and stay safe.


Always Travel with a Partner!

If you plan on visiting Bogotá, please take a companion. You’re much safer when viewing the city with another person you know. Not only does it help you avoid dangers in Bogota, but it’ll also make you feel more safe and less vulnerable as a target when in a group.


Keep Aware of Your Health

On the off chance of picking up any viruses, bugs, or diseases, you want to keep your health in mind and be very careful when it comes to certain things. While the food or drinks being sold on the streets may look good and clean, many vendors are selling health-hazards on a stick (etcetera) so try to avoid purchasing food until you’re at your hotel or in a restaurant. When it comes to your own food, wash all fruit and vegetables with bottled water.

Don’t handle or touch animals, because there’s a high chance they haven’t been vaccinated for rabies. In fact, for your own health, ask your doctor what vaccines you will need before your travels abroad. Hopefully these tips will help you stay safe in Colombia and avoid dangers with these Bogota warnings.

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