Shanghai Pudong Airport To City Center And Downtown Transportation Guide

Are you traveling to China and would like to know about the best transfer options? There are many ways by which you can go from the Shanghai airport to city center and downtown. But before I give you tips on how to go around the city, you must first understand that the Shanghai Pudong International Airport is around 30 kilometers away from downtown. It also only 40 kilometers away from the country’s domestic airport, the Hongqiao International Airport.

The Shanghai Pudong Airport is among the most popular airports in the country. It has two terminals with flights to and from 62 domestic Chinese cities and 73 international cities. The large area of the airport is considered to be a great feature because of its capacity to accommodate a lot of people. Let me share with you four ways by which you can travel to the downtown city center from Shanghai airport:


Maglev Train

If you want to try the fastest high-speed commercial train across the globe, then you must not miss riding the Maglev Train. It is a magnetic levitation train that can bring you from the Shanghai Pudong Airport to the Shanghai center. The Chinese government was said to have spent more than 1.2 Billion USD just to build this levitation train! The mere experience of riding a train with a speed of 268 meters per hour is already worth the try. What more if you take a picture of yourself riding such a popular mode of transportation?

The Maglev Train makes a single stop at the Longyang Road Metro Station. In order to reach the downtown, you will have to transfer to the Metro Line 2. Then go towards the People’s Square where you can start your walk to the City Center.


Here are some of the details about the train’s operations:

  • Pudong Airport to Longyang Rd. – 7:02 am to 9:42pm
  • Longyang Rd. to Pudong Airport – 6:45am to 9:40pm
  • Train Interval – 15 minutes before 7:02pm and 20 minutes after this
  • Single Journey Fare: 50 RMB for Economy Class and 100 RMB for VIP
  • Round Trip Fare: 80 RMB for Economy Class and 160 RMB for VIP



If you are after convenience, then I suggest that you consider hiring a taxi. It is definitely easy to just ride a taxi because you won’t have to worry about anything else after your airport arrival. Just seek help from the driver to bring all your baggage in the cab and tell him your destination.

Let me also warn you of the presence of people who want to take advantage of tourists. There could be some taxi agents who would be speaking fluent English and offer you taxi transfers. These people are not really from the authorized taxi companies. You might be fooled into paying more than double or triple the rate if you agree with their terms. Simply ignore the people who will try to speak with you and head directly to the official taxi bay which is just outside the airport terminal.



You may also choose to ride the subway if you want to go to downtown Shanghai upon arriving from the airport. In order to reach the subway, simply ride the Metro Line 2, exit at the Guanglan Road stop.

Here are some of the details concerning the round trip to and from Pudong International Airport and the Guanglon Road:

  • The subway operates from 6 am to 10 pm
  • The time interval for train arrival is around 8 ½ minutes


Why would you choose to travel to China through the Pudong International Airport and the Hongqiao Airport? The beauty with these two airports is that they allow foreigners from 53 countries to leave their airport even without a visa for a period of at most 144 hours. Simply show your connecting flight ticket and a valid passport so that you can tour Shanghai during a layover.


Airport Shuttle Bus

There are a couple of airport shuttle buses that travel to the city center. You can take the buses from any of the bus lines from Line 1 to Line 8. Always remember to take note of your exact destination so that you won’t face any difficulty when it comes to choosing the bus. Do not also be afraid to speak with the airport staff regarding your transfer options so that you could receive the best help from them.



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