Layover In Guangzhou, China: Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) Airport

Layovers could either be surprisingly exciting or tiresomely boring depending on how you treat every second of the stopover and how you appreciate the features of the airport. If ever you get in a layover in China, most specifically at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), know that there are different ways to make every second worthy of your wait for the next flight.

If you are curious about the presence of different facilities at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, know that there are different places for relaxation, leisure, and fun inside it. You can choose to go first on window shopping or actual shopping at the Departure Hall. You may also grab some snacks or dine with your companions in any of the restaurants that are situated along Gate 17 and Gate 18. You could also arrange certain things at the post office, currency exchange kiosks, and banks located within the premises of the airport. In case you feel a little dizzy or something bothers your physical condition, you could also go to their medical clinic.

You may also drop off your luggage at the designated area of the airport from six in the morning until ten in the evening in case you decide on exploring Guangzhou while waiting for your flight.


Layover Guide For Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

It is also worth trying to visit the Baiyun Airport Guangzhou if you are looking for some fun after a night of a tiring flight. It has cool facilities such as a physical fitness gym, a tennis court, and a spa for the reinvigoration of your body. Delicious meals and delightful drinks are also served at the different bars and restaurants on the premises.

There are also numerous inns, hotels, and other accommodations available at the streets surrounding the airport in Guangzhou. You could also easily ride taxis from the airport to your desired destination because of the cheap fare. The first 2.3 km of your taxi ride costs only CNY 7 while the distances thereafter will be charged CNY 2.6 for every km. You may also request for private vehicles if you want a more comfortable and luxurious transfer. Other transportations options available are the water bus, the railway, the subway, the bus, and the ship.


Things To Do During Guangzhou Layover


You could actually make the most of your travel while you are still on a layover in Guangzhou. There are different tours that you could take in order to know more about this part of China. Get into an adventure by getting on a flight to other provinces or simply walk around the place for deeper familiarization.


The Xiangjiang Safari Park Tour

The diversity of the wildlife will surely amaze you once you set foot on the biggest and most exciting wildlife park on the continent. The Xiangjiang Safari Park has over 400 species of wildlife creatures. It is also home to at least 70 white tigers which comprise a significant part of the entire population of white tigers all over the world.


The White Cloud Mountain Tour

If you want to get a break from the monotonous activities that you can do in the airport, then you must head on to the White Cloud Mountain where you can breathe some fresh air. The stunning sight will make you admire the natural wonders of China even more. The White Cloud Mountain stands tall at more than 380 meters and has more than 30 mountain peaks. Be prepared for your walking gear because the hike could be challenging.


The Liurong Temple Tour

One of the most popular temples in China is the Liurong Temple which is also called the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. It is widely visited for its historic significance in the spread of Buddhism. Don’t forget to take photos of the pagoda and the 3 statues of Buddha.


The Shamian Island Tour

One way to be immersed in local Chinese culture is by going on a tour of the Shamian Island. It is in this place where you could grab some local finds, eat traditional Chinese cuisines, and take photographs of colonial buildings.


The Bright Filial Piety Temple

While you are still waiting for the continuation of your journey, you could first explore the religious history of China. Why don’t you visit the Bright Filial Piety Temple? This temple was originally built more than 17 centuries ago and still remains to be among the grandest religious structures that the country has. You will surely be caught in awe as you witness the relics and magnificent structure of this particular destination.


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