How To Plan A Trip To Patagonia In 2018/2019

One of the hugest continents in the world is South America and it has some of the most amazing experiences and sights you can have. It is a goal for many people to get to the South American southern area but you need to have a plan for the trip first.

It may need you to do some logistical planning Patagonia when taking a trip to South America since traveling here can be difficult at times. It will also be crucial to do planning on money and time most especially if the number of days you should spend on the trip is limited.

For instance, you can take a flight to Santiago, Chile then use Buenos Aires to connect to El Calafate, Argentina. You can then take a bus from here to Patagonia.

Some airlines have South America flights such as Sky Airline, LAN, and Aerolineas Argentinas. Different flights will charge you different prices. You can save time by booking a ticket to travel from El Calafate, Argentina to Santiago when still in New York for wanting to plan a trip to Patagonia.

Travel Hack: You can book with the Aerolineas Argentinas from Delta SkyMiles since it is a member of the SkyTeam. LAN on another hand is a member of OneWorld Alliance, and thus you can search it on the website of the British Airways. You can also book an inter-South America flight through the British Airways Avios.

If you’d like to keep some extra money and you have enough time to travel, then it will be a good idea for you to travel on the overland of South America through a bus. This is the cheapest way you can use to travel from one place to another when planning a trip to Patagonia. There will be other travelers who will be going to Patagonia, points in Argentina and Chile’s Lake District through a bus.

Use buses in El Calafate, Argentina to get to one destination from another and then you can fly from Ushuaia, Argentina back home. There are no flights between the Argentinian sides of Patagonia and Chilean any longer. Therefore to get to another part in Patagonia, you will need to go back to Buenos Aires or Santiago to take a flight.


Patagonia Itinerary For Hiking

El Calafate, Argentina

This is an ideal point for jumping off for glacier excursions situated in Los Glaciares National Park. It will take you 45 minutes when coming from Perito Moreno Glacier. Here you will find a few tour agencies, shops, and restaurants. You will also find Lago Argentina blue waters brushing along the towns’ outskirts.


Where To Stay In El Calafate

At Schilling, you will find accommodations that are budget friendly yet very comfortable. You can also spend at B&B Hostal Schilling Patagonico, and you will love your stay. The restaurant is headed by a family, and they can also assist you to book a Perito Moreno Glacier excursion and bus tickets. The place has a laid-back and very cool atmosphere. The bus terminals are two blocks away from the restaurant and breakfast is included in your pay


How To Get To El Calafate

Take an Aerolineas Argentinas flight to take you to El Calafate from Chile. You can then take a shuttle to El Calafate town. It will cost you 100AR or $10US that you can only pay by cash. Have a plan before because you might not get an ATM here.


Number of Days To Stay In El Calafate

You can take two nights in El Calafate. You can spend the first night at Perito Moreno Glacier and experience the glacier excursion then take a bus early in the morning to El Chalten, Argentina. Spend the other night at Schilling when you come from El Chalten to have a full experience of the environment. The following morning you can go to Puerto Natales, Chile. Two nights will be enough for you to see the Perito Moreno Glacier.


Puerto Natales, Chile

This is a port town on the southern side of Chile among the many fjords. View the mountains and surrounding glaciers by taking a walk through the waterways. This city is also close to Torres del Paine National Park, and this makes it a famous place for a park visitor to stay.


Where To Stay In Puerto Natales

Kaluve Patagonia Hostal is a place I can recommend one to stay. There is a strong Wi-Fi, luxury shower and it is all clean and comfortable. Their level of hospitality is quite high, and they are good at accommodating guests. This can be proved by anyone who has stayed at Kaluve before. This place will give you a feeling like when you are at home. You can get to several food markets and restaurants from Kaluve in just ten to fifteen minutes.


How To Get To Puerto Natales

There are different companies that whose buses run from El Calafate directly to Puerto Natales. It will take almost five hours to get to Chile from Argentina including the time that you spend at the border. It costs around $55US for a one way ticket when you buy then from Always Glaciers. They also offer tours to Patagonia. The bus will pick you from the El Calafate, and it will drop you off some few blocks away from Kaluve Hostal in the Puerto Natales.


Number Of Days In Puerto Natales

Before you stay or camp at the Torres del Paine National Park ensure you stop at Puerto Natales. If you will be going for some day trips at Torres del Paine, then the best place to spend your nights is at Puerto Natales. Here you can spend several nights depending on the number of days you plan to tour but two days will be enough. In two days you will be able to visit Torres del Paine for a whole day and explore Puerto Natales fully. If your budget is tight then the lesser days you spend, the better for accommodations in the park are a little expensive.



El Chalten, Argentina

This small city in the capital of Argentina is another awesome destination. From El Calafate, it will only take you three hours. You can be lucky to have a view of Mt. Fitz Roy which is perched beyond the town if you travel on a clear day. There are also day hikes in El Chalten which are well marked and can be accessed from town.


Where To Stay In El Chalten

One place I would recommend you to stay either if you are going as a couple or as a solo traveler is Nothofagus Bed and Breakfast. One must pay in US dollars, and the rate is inclusive of breakfast.


How To Get To El Chalten

There are several buses from Chalten travel go to and from El Chalten and El Calafate. A round trip ticket will cost you approximately $62.50US between these two towns.




Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is at Argentina’s most southern tip. It has been nicknamed el Fin del Mundo. This town is an Antarctica gateway and several Antarctic leaves from this Ushuaia port, and it is part of the Tierra del Fuego the Ushuaia grips on a small land swath at the middle of the snow-capped mountains and the ocean.


Where To Stay In Ushuaia

When you compare Ushuaia with other Patagonia towns, this town tends to be more expensive. Budget-minded travelers can consider spending their nights at Hotel Austral. There are other guesthouses and hostels in the town but the Hotel Austral is a step up, and it also does not charge that much.


How To Get To Ushuaia

Use a bus to take you to Ushuaia from Puerto Natales. This journey will take 12 hours. This time is inclusive the time spent when been transferred from one bus to another, pit stops, as well as the time, spent when crossing the border. It will cost around $70US for a one way ticket.


Number Of Days In Ushuaia

Plan for a two to three days trio so that you can have enough time to visit Beagle Channel and to sightsee Tierra del Fuego National Park to the fullest. You can stay for two days and three nights then fly out from the Ushuaia.


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