24 Hours In Valparaiso, Chile: Day Trip Guide

Chile is an amazing country that is known for its different flavors. When you visit Chile, you will have a lot to explore, from the vibrant streets of Santiago to the raw nature of Patagonia. After three weeks of visiting Chile, you can highlight your trip by visiting Valparaiso for a day trip/24 hours.


Valparaiso, Chile: 24 Hours Guide

Why Visit Valparaiso Chile?

What make a visit to Valparaiso to be unquestionable is its arts. Valparaiso is by far the most colorful city I have ever been to. You can entertain yourself by just walking in this amazing city for 24 hours in Valparaiso. You can check out Pablo Neruda’s house or stroll through Cerro Concepcion. Well, Cerro Concepcion was my favorite spot in the city. You can also take a taxi ride to Vina del Mar if you have some extra time. A taxi ride costs $10 to $15.


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Where To Stay In Valparaiso

When it comes to accommodation for your day trip in Valparaiso, there is more than meet the eye. This is because the nice hotels and hostels are concealed by the hectic street art. Cerro Concepcion has the best hotels. While we were at Valparaiso, we stayed at Casa Galos Hotel & Lofts. This hotel is relatively new and I would gladly recommend that you stay in it while your 24 hours in Valparaiso.


How To Get To Valparaiso

Valparaiso is situated along the Pacific Ocean. It is just an hour-and-a half ride from Santiago. Most visitors who come to Valparaios arrive in cruise ships. However, you can also arrive by flying in Santiago and then going to Valparaios by bus ($8 per person) or by train ($2 to $4 per person). You can also rent a car ($100 to $150 per trip). The best option is the bus. There are two bus companies, Tur Bus and Pullman. Both of the buses from these two companies depart from the terminal Alameda. You can buy the bus tickets in person through the adjacent kiosk stands that is if you want to avoid the long lines.

I only spent 24 hours in Valparaiso and that was enough to make Valparaiso a “must-return” on my list. If you are traveling through Patagonia or through Santiago, I encourage you to take the journey so you can spend a day to walk and a night to soak in the wonderful atmosphere.

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