13 Best Things To Do In Santiago, Chile

Santiago in Chile offers an array of things to do. From hiking, to visit museums to learning a language to reveling in a bustling, colorful culture – the city pretty much has it all. It’s a reflection of the Chilean culture mixed with modern edifices – a great way to experience it all at once. Here are some of the best things to do in Santiago.


13 Best Things To Do In Santiago, Chile

Have An Unforgettable Hike At The San Cristobal Hill

From parklands to botanical zoos to swimming pools, the San Cristobal Hill is definitely one of the city’s highlights and is at its best when the weather is sunny. This is a great thing to do in Santiago. Try going up there using the funicular from the station, and really immerse yourself in the panoramic vistas of the mountains with clouds over them. It’s also definitely one of the top tourist attractions in Santiago, and yes, you might be strolling around a lot of crowds – but every minute of it is worth it!


Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of The Andes

Really getting to immerse yourself in the beauty of those mountains will need at least twenty different trips. Backdrops of the most enthralling experiences – The Andes are as diverse as it gets. From wine lands to deserts to markets and colonial cities – everything is nestled inside of the Andes. Spend a few days going on one of the organized treks offered in Santiago. You’ll casually be spending your weekend amongst the most beautiful and sought out landscapes on Earth. You’ll get phenomenal views of the peaks and this is one of the best things to do in Santiago.


Hang Out In Bellavista

Bellavista is an incredible place to visit with an alluring charm – from a vibrant nightlife, to bohemian quarters to a variety of shops….You’ll love the vibe of Bellavista. It’s a place you can explore the culture, music, and shopping at while also enjoying local delicacies.


Visit Pablo Neruda’s House

One of Chile’s most beloved artists, Pablo Neruda’s house is one of those places you simply cannot miss out on exploring in Chile. There are 3 homes in the heart of Bellavista, and you can check out them all day long. This is a great thing to see in Santiago


Road Trip To Valparaiso

A gorgeous town with winding streets and alleys, Valparaiso (which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is definitely worth exploring.

Location: 1 and a ½ hours from Santiago.

Things you can check out there include:

  • Parque Cultural Excarcel
  • Cerro Concepction
  • Pablo Neruda
  • Museo del Mar Lord Cochrane
  • Plaza Sotomayor


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Enjoy A Beach Day At Vina del Mar

Beautiful boulevards dotted with swaying palm trees and gorgeous palaces with the backdrops of beaches and parks – Vina del Mar is a refreshing contrast to the city of Santiago and is the perfect day trip destination. Only 2 hours away you can check out the outdoor theater, the Plaza de Vina del Mar, or go to the beach!


Take Spanish Classes

We’ve all taken those dreaded 4 years of high-school Spanish and the best we can muster up in a conversation is a simple “hola, como estas?”. There is no doubt in the fact that the best way to learn a language is by completely immersing yourself in the culture, in the city and being surrounded by the language through your every move. You’ll find yourself making conversations in no time. The best way to learn a language is mix a legitimate language school while being in Chile. Schools like Providencia  are always a great option and will give you the perfect mix between serious and fun classes. Most of these schools also offer fun activities outside and day trips that help you get more familiar with the language as well.


Spend Your Day At Vitacura’s Parque

Vitacura’s Parque is a very well-known park that is the ultimate destination for relaxation. You can check out the different gardens, the wondrous sights, the hidden gems, or jut enjoy the space by riding a bike, walking your dog or simply basking in the sun.


Stroll Around Barrio Lastarria

Strolling around Barrio Lastarria is the perfect way to explore the essence of Barrio Lastarria. You’ll be able to go around and explore the different cafes and bars, check out the great spots there, and mingle with the locals. The barrio simply overflows with shops, restaurants, streets, museums and even cultural centers. This is a great place to eat in Santiago.



Have Coffee Or Dinner At Barrio Lastarria

There’s more to just strolling around Barrio Lastarria – there’s the sheer bliss of having a cup of coffee or dinner there. With so many options, this is a great place to drink in Santiago. The restaurants’ vibes range from super ambient and calm to funky and fun.


Learn The Language Further By Watching A Spanish Movie

Again, immersion, immersion and more immersion. The best way to truly get to know the language and the most commonly used phrases is to watch a lot of movies. Either go to the cinema or simply stream one at home – you’ll be getting a good daily dose of Spanish there.


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