Conrad Chicago Hotel Review

I am a regular attendee of the Chicago Seminars. Whenever I go to the area, I make sure that I visit the most interesting hotels and destinations apart from the usual that I stay at. There are a number of tourist spots to enjoy, and most of the hotels in the area are really worth every penny. The problem, however, when you book during the season of seminars is that hotel rooms are usually fully booked and also very expensive. Honestly, I almost lost the chance to book a room at Conrad Chicago because they had a lot of guests during that time. I was just so lucky that there was one room left. Oh, maybe Conrad Chicago was really meant for me to enjoy!


Conrad Chicago Hotel Review

The Location Of Conrad Chicago

The location of Conrad Chicago is a perfect balance between luxury and peace. People who have visited the place have noticed the remarkable serenity that is offered by the surroundings. Well, it is not the kind of serenity that you find only in forests; but, it is definitely quiet in the area. What’s also great about the location is its distance to the shopping centers. You will not experience any difficulty in case you want to enjoy some fries from Shake Shack or buy a few luxury items from the Magnificent Mile. Everything’s just a couple of steps from the hotel!

Once you get inside Conrad Chicago, you will certainly be amazed at the hotel interiors. I was personally struck by the beautifully designed lobby. Unlike other hotels where you find the reception area right in the lobby, this establishment is a bit different. You will have to ride their technologically efficient elevator to reach the 20th floor where the concierge and the check-in counter are located.


Checking In At Conrad Chicago

Because there were a lot of guests for the Chicago Seminars, I expected that the hotel would be so busy. Well, the expectation turned to be real except that they were still so accommodating despite the business. Even when I arrived at Conrad Chicago premises earlier than my supposed check-in time, they still allowed me to leave my luggage at the concierge. After an hour, I received a text message from the hotel staff that I could already check-in. The experience was such a breeze because I just headed straight to the reception area to get the key without the hassle and unnecessary waiting time.


The Staff Of Conrad Chicago

The staffs of this beautiful hotel are all courteous and kind. They were all so accommodating and friendly. I only felt personally awkward with the way that they handle the guest interaction. I presume that most of the staffs had no prior experience in hotel services. Most of them do not have the confidence when speaking with guests.


The Superior Room At Conrad Chicago

I only booked a Conrad Chicago superior room, but I was really surprised with the size of the room that I got. I even asked the staff whether we are really heading to a superior room because there was even a long foyer towards the room. Imagine having an extra space where you can put all your other stuff and extra suitcases? Wouldn’t that be nice?

I also got to appreciate the room interiors when I saw them personally. Looking at the images of the rooms on the website wasn’t that striking but getting inside the room will make you appreciate the structure even more.


The Room Amenities Of Conrad Chicago

Just like the bathroom amenities of Conrad Chicago, the main room also had whatever a guest would be needing for his entire stay. I really appreciated the fact that the hotel management does not skimp on the simple things such as the vanity kits. I don’t know what could have happened to my dinner date if the hotel hadn’t provided the nail file in their vanity kits. I just really love their anticipation of little things. The closet in the foyer even had a sewing kit just in case of an emergency wardrobe malfunction.

What I also love about the Conrad Chicago room amenities is their Nespresso machine. It wasn’t the usual sachets of instant coffee but a more delectable option for coffee lovers just like me.


The Bathroom

I am really a simple person, that’s why I consider Conrad Chicago’s bathroom as exaggeratedly luxurious. I didn’t really expect to experience taking a bath in a room with an extremely high ceiling. Although I enjoy only simple things, I would have to commend their interior designer for such a fancy concept. The large counters and the gold accents added a glamorous touch to the whole bathing experience. I just feel that the neon lights inside do not complement the interiors.

Even the bathroom amenities help complete the wonderful bathing experience of guests. I had more than enough of the shampoo, toothpaste, towels, and soap. The products from Aromatherapy Associates were all generously provided.


The Breakfast At Conrad Chicago 

What’s great when you are a member of certain privilege clubs is that you get to experience good deals from hotels and other establishments. I am a member of the Hilton Gold which allowed me to enjoy a free breakfast buffet at Baptiste & Bottle.

The buffet experience was acceptably nice. I enjoyed the variety of options from their fresh drinks to their food. What I did not like with the buffet setting was the presence of fake egg casseroles. The hotel restaurant supposedly offers fine dining experience and not some fake dish options.

The day before I had the buffet, I went on a la carte. I thought that my membership was only considered as among the Hilton Honors Diamond which only allowed a 20 USD credit for breakfast orders. So, I just had whatever was on the menu. I couldn’t say that the food was bad, but it wasn’t what I expected from a restaurant like this kind.

I could have really loved Baptiste & Bottle for their wonderfully majestic interiors. But some of their food selections aren’t really that palatable. Worse, most of their staffs seem to be always tired. I couldn’t find a sincere smile from them which could have made the experience more pleasant.


Realizations About Conrad Chicago

As a newly established hotel, I could say that Conrad Chicago fares well for its services. I definitely love the ambiance of the hotel most especially the glamorous interiors that provide a luxurious experience to every guest. I also appreciate how courteous most of the staffs, bell boys, and receptionists are. However, they would have to work on some important matters such as making sure that every staff knows how to efficiently relate well to every guest no matter what the circumstances are. Overall, I would love to go back to this hotel again.

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