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Layover In Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) – Guide

If you ever feel that layovers are entirely boring, then let us remove such thoughts from your mind when you have a layover in Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Layovers could actually be fun and exciting if only you know the right things to do. If ever you get stuck on waiting for a connecting flight at…

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What To Pack For Norway Trip – 2018/2019 Edition

The Scandinavian country form the far coast where heaven - like snow cap mountains, green vast land areas, and long stunning coastline of Norway is such a paradise that you seems like a dream. It's important to know what to pack for trip to Norway. But of course, it is not a dream at all. It…

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Best 8 Things To Do in TromsØ Based On The Different Seasons

Visiting Tromsø in Norway is like taking a vacation in a heavenly place. Tromsø is a place where all four seasons, have all the best things to offer and has its distinct beauty. Though, contrary to what most tourists know that Norway is always covered with snow, Tromsø snow melts down once in a while…

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How To Hike Trolltunga In One Day – Ultimate Guide

I can recall my reaction when I first came across a picture of Trolltunga’s, it was jaw dropping. I instantly saw myself sitting along the famous “Troll’s Tongue” edges and the vision seemed real for wanting to hike Trolltunga in one day As our journey drew to a close, it was obvious that the climax to…