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Munich Layover: Layover At Munich Flughafen Airport Guide

The center for the German old fashion buildings can be found in Bavaria’s capital – Munich in Germany. The city is field with centuries old structures which seems like you are strolling along a wide outdoor museum like scenery. Plus, of course, aside for the authentic and world famous Oktoberfest Annual event can only be…

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Layover At Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Guide

Layovers in the Frankfurt International Airport give people traveling through it a lot to do. It is among the most crowded airports internationally, and is the headquarters of Lufthansa. It is around 8 mi. from the center of Frankfurt. In fact, the city is very easy to get to for those having long layovers in…

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7 Best Things To Do In Bratislava

People who want to explore the different sides of Europe usually visit Pressburg which is now called Bratislava. Well, it is not your common European travel destination but it is definitely full of wonderful sights and activities. There are still a relatively few people who visit Bratislava compared with other European countries, but this fact…